Timber Hearth Grille

Tuesday night was the annual concierge function at the Timber Hearth Grille at Cordillera. Crissy, Darci and I went and a good time was had by all. When we arrived we decided to go outside first since we were all still bundled up. On the terrace outside the dining room, there were benches surrounding a wood burning outdoor fire pit to warm us while we waited for the sleigh to come back around to give us a ride. We took a horse drawn tour of the golf course which they use as their Nordic Center in the winter, pulled by Charlie and Jacob of Bearcat Stables. Afterward, we posed for a picture with them and then went inside for dinner. There were three stations set up throughout the dining room. One with penne, prosciutto and black truffle carbonara and pulled rabbit meat. The second was a lamb carving station which was delicious, and the third was dessert with pecan tarts, carrot cake petit fours and coffee. As we sat and ate, waiters continually came by with trays of passed hors d’oeuvres and by the end of the evening the three of us were very full. A big Thank You to Timber Hearth Grille and Bearcat Stables!

The PR Bigtime

Well, we’ve hit the bigtime … from a Public Relations standpoint, that is! Last Sunday we were featured in the New York Times Travel Section (you can see the article in our on-line press room). Needless to say, it was a PR homerun … or so says Monica McCafferty who handles that role for the Vail Valley Partnership. The only twist was that they goofed and put in the price as per person, per night … when it was really just per person (for all five nights). Oh well … we’ve still had some calls and are able to clarify everything on the phone. More importantly, the exposure from just being in the NYT is HUGE.November was a heckuva month from a PR perspective … the NYT feature, a couple quotes in Travel and Leisure magazine, some more in the Vail Daily and an interview on CBS Channel 4 in Denver. Man oh man, our queens of Public Relations (and most favorite consultants) Darla and Eliza have really been kicking butt. The Times article was the biggest coup for the WordenGroup since they got us on the front page of USA Today’s business section a couple years ago. I love it when they tell me that Regis & Kelly is next … but then I’m easily amused.

Office Massage

In addition to being one of our most favorite owners, Janina Greene has been a physical therapist for many years. Chris managed to coerce her (which in Janina’s case means simply asking) into giving some ten minute neck massages to our hard working (no, that doesn’t mean “hardly” working) staff. Greg (from maintenance) was the first happy recipient, and no sooner did he start to loosen up, but our director of conference services, Kati (also an experienced massage therapist) decided Janina deserved a little neck work as well. Our controller, Randi (who has no official theraputic expertise whatsoever) just couldn’t help but join the fun. It may look like the bunny hop, but trust me … it was much, much better.