Remember When….at Vail!

SnowWitch joins you today at the end of 2007, as we begin a new ski season at Vail in 2008 by recalling some fond memories in years past skiing at Vail! Remember when…Early Vail Skiing – When there was ONLY Vail Village at Vail and no parking structures! Everyone parked along the frontage road!Studded SnowTires – When few had 4-wheel drive and they allowed studded snowtires or you had to stop, get on your back at the rear of the car, with exhaust and snow blowing in your face and put chains on to get over Vail or Hoosier Pass (there was no access from I-70).Too Young & Poor to Buy Dinner or Stay the Night – We drove up from Colorado Springs, starting at 5 am, reaching Vail when the lifts were opening, skiied all day and then stopped at Pepi Grammshammer’s at the end of the day, bought an “after-ski snack special” of a glass of red wine, a piece of brown bread and a small bowl of spaghetti, wolfed it down and then left to drive back to the Springs. Great times!It’s Better Now – We like it better now – more runs, more bowls, more parking, more lifts, more places to eat….Vail is older….. YET BETTER than ever!!

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