Ahh Nuts….We Didn’t Win

SPOTLIGHT NEWS……The Antlers at Vail, named one of three finalists by the Vail Valley Partnership for Green Business of the Year.On Friday we were honored to be in attendance for the Vail Valley Success Awards Banquet. The gala was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Beaver Creek and 10 Antlers employees were dressed in their best “duds” to partake in cocktails, dinner, dancing, good old fashion socializing, and hopefully to accept the award. Rob LeVine, who compiled all the information required for our 10 page finalist application, was giddy with excitement as the master of ceremonies opened the envelope and announced “and the winner is….not the Antlers at Vail“.Rob and the rest of our group were a little disappointed but as is usually the case, we were gracious, held our heads high, ordered a round of martinis and toasted the winners. (I think Rob was looking forward to putting the award next to the “business of the year award” we received in 2004, which is still on display in the lobby).When Hazel Miller and her small orchestra started up, the dance floor was alive and I personally believe we would have won something if the producers of “Dancing With The Stars” were in attendance. This Antlers group doesn’t just excel in the hospitality business. They can “cut a rug” too (see video).It needs to be mentioned how important this nomination was to us. We at the Antlers have been green and considered it part of the way we do business long before there was an award for doing it. We would like to thank Vail Valley Partnership for their consideration, the Ritz for hosting a fabulous affair, and Hazel Miller for drawing us away from our inhibitions.Oh, and congratulations to GREEN LIMOUSINE for being honored as the 2007 Green Business of the Year.Hazel Miller and her small orchestra put everyone in the mood

Ski lay-off….Too Long…

NEWS ALERT! UPDATE! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! STAY TUNED!SKI LAY-OFF WAS TOO LONGGreg Z. went skiing on Friday for the first time in 8 years. It seems he has struggled with fear, bad memories, no interest, and several other things related to psychological barriers that only Doctor Phil could begin to address. When asked why the sudden change of heart, his response was only “I live here and it’s a long time before the golf courses are playable again”.We did a little research on this Antlers employee and found that the he raised 3 children and taught them all how to ski. “I spent a lot of time in the parking lots looking for gloves, putting on boots, and drying tears before an exhilarating day on the cat walks. This was part of the bad memories”, he explained. He continued, “when they all got better, I couldn’t keep up and I just ended up being brought down on a stretcher. This resulted in my fear. I didn’t want any more re-hab in my life. I convinced myself that I had no interest in the sport and my ability was not that of all the legendary skiers in this valley anyway”.He had so much fun on Friday that he went out again for a few hours on Saturday and that his outlook has changed about everything. “I’m back baby! This is fun. There is something for everyone up there. As soon as these legs get back in shape, I’ m going to ski with the kids again, but not until they put my boots on and make sure I’m warm enough”.We asked Greg what he enjoyed most about his re-discovered passion and his simple reply was “The views”. I had forgotten how beautiful it is”.Any advice for the person that may be thinking as you did? “Get over it. Get up there and dance like no one is watching”. He added, “don’t push yourself, ski to your own ability, and stop every once in awhile to take in all that’s around you”.He told us as he was headed to the hot tub with a cocktail that “I deserve this tub. My legs are burning, I’m exhausted, and it feels great. I never feel like this after a lousy game of golf.”

The Antlers Has Inspired Me

There’s a lot of buzz in the ether about “going green” lately. Oprah did a show on it and showed it twice in the span of a few months. I happened to catch it both times and, both times I found it very interesting.The first time I watched, I accepted the show’s challenge to change just one thing that I do to make an environmental impact. That day, I started turning off the water while I brush my teeth (Which saves 4 gallons a minute. That’s 200 gallons a week for a family of four.) This time, I feel ready to make a couple of more changes.It is easy to get overwhelmed because there are a lot of statistics out there about how much water and energy it takes to make this or that and about how petroleum (i.e. oil and fossil fuels) is burned for the energy to make packaging for products like liquid body wash. That tears it! I’m switching to bar soap in my shower. It’s kind of exciting because now I can shop for fancy bars of soap and display them in my bathroom (if I can find space). I like these at Etsy from Dennis Anderson. I would also like to try switching to eco-friendly grocery bags. Up until now, I’ve been getting plastic bags at the store and saving them (in empty Kleenex boxes – thanks to Amanda) to use as waste basket liners. You can get a whole grocery shopping set for under sixty dollars at Eco Bags. Even though it’s just a small start, I feel like I’m really making a difference. The Antlers is up for a Green Business of the Year Award right now, too! Wish us luck.