It is time for mountain biking

O.k., the trails around Vail still need a few weeks of drying out before they’ll be good. However, the trails in Eagle (30 minutes from Vail) are in top notch condition. Very smooth, lots of green, views and new flowers. C. Ratz

Winter is finally exiting Vail

Wow, it is taking awhile, but winter is starting to leave Vail. The picture above is from the Antlers looking up towards the ski slopes. It was taken around May 18th. Don’t worry, it has been melting a lot the last few days. None-the-less, we received some snow showers this Memorial Day weekend. The bike path is open up to the top of Vail pass (although it is 5 feet of snow tunnel at the top). Golf course is OPEN! Rafting it EXCELLENT! The Aspen trees are budding big time and within a week it will be green, green, green.

A Famous Guest

Back in March, we had Jorge Ramos stay with us for a little ski getaway. Being that he is a super star in the Spanish speaking world, some of the girls in our housekeeping department were very excited to meet him.(l to r: Carolina, Gladys, Lorena *front*, Fatima, Jorge, Carolina’s daughter Alandra, Lola, Macario, Alicia and Eva)