The Antlers Welcomes 3 Teva Groups

The first weekend in June is a busy one for the Vail Valley as we are host to the Teva Mountain Games. There are many components that make up this weekend of events, from street concerts to kayaking at International Bridge to DockDogs competitions. And there is even more behind the scenes work that goes on.The Antlers is proud to be hosting some of the Teva Mountain Games staff over the long weekend, as well as two other groups directly related to the Games.One of these groups is Cocona Fabrics, Inc., a Colorado based company that uses recycled coconut shells to make athletic fabrics. What a perfect fit with the Teva Games and the Antlers green lodging goals!The second group the Antlers is hosting is SERAC Adventure Films. SERAC is holding an Adventure Film School during the Teva Games. The students will be out and about filming the games, and then returning to the Antlers to review and edits their takes. We’re excited to see what this wonderful and ambitious group of students presents at the end of the week!The Antlers is excited and proud to be a part of the Teva Games – we hope to see everyone out there this weekend!

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