Vail snow report November

November 30 Another 9 inches of snow reported in the morning and light snow throughout the day. Heavy winds but GREAT skiing. Soft everywhere and few lift lines (afternoon). The wind blew quite a bit of tree debris onto the ski slopes. They were running Chair 11 Northwoods but it wasn’t open. I hope they drop the ropes on that in the next few days.

Scene from the chairlift today, above mid-Vail

November 29 It is a Powder day in Vail today! 9 inches of new snow as of 6am and it has been snowing all day. They opened Chairs 2, 3 and 4 and rumors they might be opening more this coming week. We have received perhaps 5 inches since 6am, but who knows. Everyone is coming back with smiles on their faces. With the recent Vail snow there are now 500 acres open. Many of us are stuck here in the office today. Chris R.Vail Ski Mountain provided the following photo from today

November 28 2-3 inches of new snow today. They were blowing snow on lower Simba and then opened Lodgepole and Columbine from the top of the gondola. Columbine looked a little thin on snow but people were reporting that Lodgepole was better. However, I did not see Lodgepole with my own eyes. This 2-3 inches will help, but we still need that 8 inches of snow or so before we can get that upper 1/2 of the mountain open. The new snow will at least soften up the 4-5 runs that we have open. Chris R.Soft snow in the early morning.

November 27 A 1/2 inch of new snow in Vail today. Enough to soften the runs up a bit, but still just three runs open. I went up on the telemark skis for the first time this year. I burned my quads big time. I had to take a lot of breaks to get down the mountain. I’m out of shape. They opened the beginner chair 12 down at the base of Golden Peak. Chair 15 the beginner chair at the top of the mountain is open. But for us Intermediate/Advance skiers it is just the Born Free lift. The runs that are open are Born Free, Columbine to Bear Tree and parts of Bwana. They are blowing quite a bit of snow on Lodge Pole, so I’m hoping they open that on Friday perhaps. It looks like it wants to snow, but nothing yet. 40% chance of snow each of the next 4 days. Chris R.

November 25 Another day on the hill. I spent the day skiing with my wife Sarah and Tom (Antlers Director of Preservation). The hill is getting better all the time. After 6 or 7 runs I called it quits but Sarah kept on going “one more run, one more run”. And she did, one more run. We did most of our laps over on Columbine and Bear Tree then looping back around to the Born Free Lift. It required two traverses but the snow was worth it. Not as many people over there. It seems to us that they’ll open portions of Bwana in the next couple of days and perhaps Lodge Pole with the gondola running top to bottom runs. Keep your fingers crossed. Chris R.

Sarah and Tom (click for full size to see their smiles)

Picture from the chair

November 24 I went out for first chair and conditions were optimal. Much better than waiting for later in the day. Groomed runs and sunshine. I met up with the General Manager of the Lodge at Lionshead for a few runs. We did one run over on Columbine to check out the Vail snow-making operations. It looks like they are trying to open up Lodge Pole from the top of the Gondola down. They were also blowing snow below Chair 2. I figure that by Wednesday they will have 2 more runs open. Weather people are predicting snow for Thursday/Friday. Chris R.

Heading down the mountain

Vail snowmaking

November 22 I waited until the end of the day to hit the hill. Grabbed the Chairlift at 10 minutes to 3:00. I did three quick runs before they shut the lift down. It was a bit icy for sure. After the people skied on Born Free all day, the snow was scraped off a bit. Wish I had some new skis to carve on the ice. Interesting scenery, as the Vail mountain crew this past summer cut down quite a few trees near the top of the gondola. This new open area near the top should make for some nice skiing this year. Chris R.

Turkey Day in Vail

Thanksgiving provided Vail with it’s best snow since opening day. We should be getting a couple more inches here and there over the next few days. Unrelated to the mountain, the Antlers smells delicious! Owners, guests, and staff are cooking turkeys in their kitchens like it’s going out of style. Thanks to all of you who brought down food to feed our lonely front desk staff!Matt “Zuder” Zaremba

Vail Opening Day 2008

It finally happened…we can all rest easy now…Vail Mountain is officially open for the 2008 season. The gondola was in use for beginner skiing and Chair 8 was running for all you hard carving chargers! The sun was shining and the lift lines were only ten minutes long. A few Antlers employees hiked to a couple secret spots and claimed some early season powder turns. Don’t tell Ski Patrol! Snow is in the forecast for next week…keep your fingers crossed.-Matt “Zuder” Zaremba

Antler's Newest Staff Member

Help find me a home.

Help find me a home.

Antler’s super employee, Aaron, rescued a stray cat from our pool area this past Sunday. We believe it belongs to somebody in the area. If a post in the Vail Daily does not provide us with any answers we will be putting her up for adoption. Until then the “Lobby Cat” will be cared for by the good people at the Antler’s front desk!

Early Season/ Ups and Downs

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday exploring what is open as far as the early season snow goes. Tuesday (11/11) two friends and I took off for Breckenridge. We took the gondola up, then a chair lift to arrive on a crowded hill around 10:30am. Once on the hill it quickly became a game of dodge. With so many on the one run, safety became a concern. This changed however around 12, or 1pm, and it soon became the opposite. No one was around and we seemed to have the whole run to ourselves. Whether folks had work, or thought it was too busy, either way after 12pm is the time to go. Did I mention that it had been snowing this whole time and the run had only gotten better, not to mention all the snow making that was going on. We enjoyed this change till about 4pm, when we realized that the last lift was the only way down.On Wednesday (11/12) myself and another friend took off about the same time, but not to the same place. Some buddies had been talking good about Keystone, so we thought we would try it out. It was more like 11am when we pulled up and parked. The gondola here was much different, it is the only way up the hill. However it soon looked like much of the same. One run covered with skiers and snowboarders, and tons of snow making equipment. The day began with us playing it safe. Then around 12pm just like before, everyone took off. The afternoon was great, a good park, an empty hill and no lift lines. Oh did I mention it had been snowing all day again, and the conditions were great. We had a blast until 4pm when we rode to the bottom and to our car.Although this sounds like any apres-ski conversation you would hear in any bar in any ski town, there are some good points to take away:(1) Any early season skiing or snowboarding is best left until the afternoon, 11am or later.(2) It has been snowing, and snowing good for the past two days at about 10 thousand feet or higher.(3) All the mountains have been making a lot of snow, including Vail. So expect to see more terrain open this weekend, 11/14 and later. With all this good stuff going on we should see Vail open on time and in great form!

Vail Snow Report

New Snow in Vail today, November 6th. We received about 8 inches of snow the last two days and it is cold! Not sure how much snow is at the top of the mountain. Snow making operations are full speed ahead. It is winter outside for sure.

The Antlers bike covered with a bit of snow.

Snowmaking operations at the base of Lionshead

Here is a video of the snow making operations

We are getting excited

Avoid the Arapahoe Basin Madness

A winter storm warning is in effect for Vail/Beaver Creek this week! However, we couldn’t wait another 17 days for Vail to open…instead we did what 100’s of other idiots did…we packed the car and headed to Arapahoe Basin. Again? Right now, A-Basin is like Great America, you wait in line for 30 minutes for 1 minute of fun. Here are some tips if you want to avoid the madness:

1. Arrive at 2pm. You will get 2 hours of solid runs in as everybody seems to leave A-Basin around that time.

2. If you go on a Sunday try to show up at the start of the Bronco game. Half of the lines disappeared this weekend as the Broncos got punked by the Dolphins. Sorry Denver! Look on the bright side, you just traded Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups (2004 Finals MVP).

3. If the lines are long head to the bar for a Bloody Mary. They are top-notch!

– Matt “Zuder” Zaremba

Vail Snowmaking October 31st, 2008

Oh baby! They fired up the snowmaking machines in Vail late last night. We could hear them down here at the Antlers. They’ll be blowing snow on Born Free for the next week or so, in anticipation of Vail’s opening day (November 21st). Typically Born Free Express opens first, followed by the Gondola. Hopefully, mother nature will provide some opening assistance with a blast of cold air and snow on Tuesday/Wednesday.