Vail All The Love

Vail All The Love campaign is making it even more possible for you to enjoy Vail as your backyard. Perks include spectacular savings on Vail Snowsports School, mountain dining venues, and Adventure Ridge outdoor activities. For example:

Piney River Adventures Snowmobiling is offering 15% off any general or lunch snowmobiling tours, now through February 8 Adventure Ridge fans can enjoy 50% off any activity like tubing, ski biking, kids snowmobiling, and more, and also the Arrabelle is giving 2 for 1 ice skate rentals.

If we don’t offer you a Vail All The Love card at check-in, please remind us. For a detailed list of savings from other businesses, visit

Vail Snow Report: Here comes the snow!

Rumors of a major storm are flying around the Antlers this morning. predicts 2-4 inches…maintenance guru, Chris Apmann, is claiming a foot is on the way… is somewhere in between. I don’t know who to believe? The only thing that is certain is the 30 inches of new snow we’ve accumulated in the past week. Let’s hope Chris knows more than NOAA and we get hammered with snow tonight!-Matt “Zuder” Zaremba.

Danny Archer performs at the Antlers!

Vail’s only magician, Danny Archer, will perform a Family Magic Show at the Antlers January 22 @ 3:30 pm. The show will feature comedy sleight of hand, coloring books, mind-reading, and a card-finding chicken. Doors open at 3 pm and tickets can be purchased with cash at the door for $10. For more information, you can visit or call 970-476-5262.

Vail sun and snow

January 16th, our January thaw is here. While the mid-west and east-coast are experiencing some record lows, here in Vail Colorado we have temps in the upper 30s. It feels like Spring almost. A couple came in from Chicago today and they said it was 20 degrees below zero when they left and it felt like arriving in Hawaii when they came to Vail. Beautiful blue bird without a cloud in the sky, while skiing up on the hill. The Vail Snow is excellent! Picture below was taken around 1:30pm on Ricky’s Ridge in the Back Bowls from a camera phone. The weather is supposed to stay like this through Tuesday of next week. Take advantage of it while you can, because it won’t last. And be warned, early in the morning it might be a little crispy as the soft snow freezes each night. But by noon each day this weekend, the snow should be softened up. Chris R.

Powder + Gingers = Awesome Day In Vail

Amy Catching Some In Blue Sky

Amy Catching Some In Blue Sky

It snowed like crazy on 1/7/09 (eleven inches to be exact) and I accidentally/forgot to go snowboarding. Every smiling face that came through the Antler’s lobby was claiming another “best day of the season!” However, I beg to differ…today (1/8/09) was filled with bluebird skies and plenty of untouched powder. Amy, my redheaded twin sister from another family, and I headed straight for Blue Sky Basin. Little did I know that Amy skis like a madman and we were in for a full day of hiking, getting stuck in the trees, and me not being able to walk after getting off the mountain. Pictures of Antlers Employee Amy Scherm attached!-Matt “Zuder” Zaremba

More soft landings!

More soft landings!

Free Dessert at Sweet Basil

Show your Antlers at Vail room key at Sweet Basil now through January 30th and receive a free dessert! That’s right, one of the best restaurants in town is throwing a little love your way. Sweet Basil is a pretty tough place to get into, so lets us know soon if you need help with reservations.

Vail ski conditions January 2009

January 4 New snow and sunny outside. They reported 7 inches of new snow here in Vail and 10 inches of new snow at Beaver Creek. However, it seemed more like 3-4 inches of new snow. It didn’t matter. The fresh snow helped freshen the slopes up. COLD, glad thing I waited until 1pm to start skiing. After more than 10 years of this, I have wised up and wear mittens instead of gloves. A puffy jacket doesn’t hurt either. Chris R.

Blue skies over Vail January 4th

January 2 We have received 162 inches of snow so far this ski season. Nothing the last 6 days, but don’t fret, the skiing is still great. We have had sunny days and the snow has softened up adequately each day. The lines have been a bit longer than I am used to. We think it might be the Epic Pass which is unrestricted over the holiday. This means there are plenty of locals up on the hill, where as in past years the locals had to stay home. Utilize the single lines. The bumps are forming nice and many of the guests here this week aren’t on the bump runs too much. Best snow can be found on the fringes of these trails. I haven’t been back to Blue Sky Basin for 2 weeks. I wonder how the snow is over there. Weather service is calling for 3-7 inches of snow tomorrow. We saw big clouds forming to the west this afternoon and the radar shows some light snow. Keep your fingers crossed. Chris R.