I Was Scared…


When I slid off chair 4 on Sunday, April 19th at 1:00 in the afternoon, I could not believe my eyes.It was closing day in Vail and the 2009 ski season had only hours left. I personally have never participated in the activities that make our mountain different than any other mountain in the world on this particular day. Simply put, it is a party. It is a big party and it’s organized. Organized chaos, but organized just the same.


I was riding up the chair with a very friendly couple from Steamboat and they told me they never have seen anything like this anywhere. “They begin to close our mountain at 1:00 and encourage people to go home. They never would allow an open container in a lift line, let alone the party that’s going on up there”. We reached the top and I saw what they were referring to for the first time. I thought, “Welcome to Vail”.



THIS IS KINDA HOW IT GOES…..Friends and hundreds (thousands) of others gather at Belles Camp in Blue Sky Basin at 10:30 or so, for the “lunch”. If you can’t find a grill, no problem. This is about sharing, and people will cook for you and offer most anything they have. Woodstock at 11,500 feet. This includes whatever their pouring for the shotski.


IT TOOK ME 27 MINUTES TO GET DRESSEDEventually, everyone skis to the confluence of chairs 4, 11 and 5. This is where, if you have not seen this before, you actually have second thoughts about skiing right to church and praying for these souls. Well, I don’t hardy pray for anyone anymore, so I found my friends and lots of others. You then realize this is the only place in the world you want to be right now. Then the avalanche canons fire and the lifts are officially closed for the season. The champagne corks are popped and you toast with anyone holding a paper cup. Next stop, ski (pole) over to Wildwood. Then down to The Gazebo toward Eagles Nest. Then home on a lonely mountain.


MONIQUE, JEANMARIE, LISA & RANDI ENJOY LUNCHThe only thing I was scared about now was getting hurt on the last day. I was actually feeling a little sad. For the first time ever, I wished a ski mountain would stay open just a little longer, just for me. I stopped several times to take in the sunset and a have a deep breath. As far as I know, every crazy human that participated in the closing day festivities went to work the next day and now life goes on without a chairlift. Maybe that’s a good thing.Greg Z

An end of season Result…

According to Greg, the end of season 4 at 4 was by far the craziest he had ever seen on closing day at Vail Mountain. Typically on the last day of the season at Chair 4 at 4 o’clock, everyone gathers to party, show off their retro suits, and the rest, well you would have to be there. Our adventurous Greg was and called to report in short, what was taking place. At the end of his summary, he stated, “I’m scared.”An hour later, we were greeted with a 4 at 4 result…Greg. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained Greg.

What’s Everybody Up To?

The 2009 ski season has reached its final few weeks and this is the time of year that employees start making plans for the exodus to near or far away places. I asked a few what plans they have in order to regenerate and then return to start the summer season.I asked Darci what she is doing now that the season is over and she has won the Super Bowl title of front office managers…..“I’m going to Disney World!” Herself, Joel and Mariah are headed to sunny Florida to party with Dumbo and Pluto.Chris Ratz. and Sara have plans that are a bit similar (warm weather) but have no fun parks to visit. “We went to Hawaii a few years ago and had to come back after 3 days. This time we plan on staying for the whole reservation.” Book em’ Danno.”Magda, you’re from Ecuador, are you going home to visit?” “No. My crazy Grandma is visiting my crazy sister in New York and that is where I would like to go. She is here until July and we will need to take turns taking her to the discotheque.”Chris A. and Erin managed to get a house on a beach and are spending a week in Cabo. “We got a good price. Free. I’m really happy my girlfriend knows people in right places.”Matt Z. is going to spend time in San Diego and visit with some friends. “My beloved Cubbies are in town that week and I hope to catch some rays, the beach, and a ball game or two. They’re going to win it all this year, you know.”Tom S. has already been and back. “Eleven of us were on this 100 foot chartered boat and we floated around the Socorro Islands for a week swimming with the fishies and we didn’t run out of beer this time.”Amy S. is going to “almost heaven”. “I haven’t been back to West Virginia in awhile. It will be good to see the farm agin’.”Rob, you have to be going somewhere this year? “Yep. To the golf course every chance I get. There still is hope.”Yours truly plans the most opulent trip of all. First it was Italy. Then I considered Malta. I looked into Uruguay. Then I booked it….Cleveland. Lots of friends and family and it really is a great place to visit, but after 35 years here, I wouldn’t want to……..See you all for summer time in VailGreg Z

Everlast at Arrabelle

The acoustic, hip-hop flavor of Everlast will be heard at the Budlight Street Beat Concert on Wednesday, April 8. The FREE concert will start at 6pm at the Arrabelle at Vail Square. If you get there early you can enjoy a $5 cocktail and frites at Centre V. (Greg can usually be found at the bar with a blue martini in hand and his mouth stuffed with fries)

Vail Colorado skiing

Vail Colorado skiing is incredible ! April 6th and we have powder and sunshine. Cold outside at the moment and if you get up early, you’ll have the whole mountain to yourself. In the pics are some of our friends from Minnesota. 2 inches new today. Not sure how many feet in the last week.

Some light powder on Jade Glade

Top of the China bowl lift towards the Gore Range

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Hey Everybody- Your favorite home away from home, the Antlers, is now on Facebook. Search for us under “Antlers at Vail” and become a fan. You will receive updates on snow reports, Vail weather reports, town events, festivals, and more. Antlers Facebook fans will be eligible for exclusive specials throughout the upcoming season!-Matt “Zuder” Zaremba

Antlers free night in June during Highway clean up

Antlers offers Free Lodging for June ‘Voluntourism’ WeekendThe Antlers was recently awarded “Vail Valley’s Green Business of the year”. One of many green programs we do each year is our Highway Clean-up in June. This year if you wish to join us for Saturday/Sunday June 20-21, we’ll pick up your room bill for Sunday night ($235 value) ! All you have to do is join us for a couple of hours Sunday morning and help us pick-up the highway. A bonus is that the Antlers has the section up on Vail Pass with some of the best views in the state. We start around 10am and finish around noon. Last but not least, when we return to the Antlers, we all enjoy a free picnic lunch down at the Antlers pool.

You Can book this on-line June 20-21 or just give us a call.

Vail snow April 3

Wow, it has been coming down all morning. It probably started around 6am since Vail Ski Patrol didn’t report any new snow at 6am. We’ve probably received 12 inches in the last 6 hours. Roads are closed all over the place. Some of us had to work today, so all we could do was take a few pictures around the building.

Maybe it is too early for bikes

Some people taking a dip in the pool

A break in the weather (for 15 minutes)