Teva mountain games in Vail starts today

The Teva Mountain games in Vail started today with a Kayak competition over near the town of Redcliff. Lots of people (and pets) around watching the event. The welcome party is this afternoon from 4-6pm. We are all thankful that the sky has finally cleared and there is no more rain (for the moment). The Colorado blue sky is back! With all the events, the Antlers at Vail is almost full this weekend. In addition, to support the Teva Mountain games the Antlers is hosting the Serac Adventure film school and USA climbing for the weekend. Hope to see you here !

A Kayak between the rocks

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  1. Alexander says:

    A Great post on Pets here dude, I own a cute little puppy and she is the best of all.. Takes me to the olden times when she used to be so small she used to fit in my palm :)