Vail snow in September, it’s cold !

A little fresh snow up on Vail mountain this morning.  Picture was taken with a camera phone (sorry).  It was around 35 degrees on the Antlers at Vail thermometer this morning.  The sun is expected to come out again, later this week.  But winter is certainly coming early to Colorado this winter!

Vail snow
Picture of snow up on Golden Peak

Short movie in the Antlers courtyard of the snow coming down

Fun Fishing & Some Unexpected Moments

We had a surprising moments when were fly fishing this past Labor Day at the end of the Owners Weekend at The Antlers. I was fishing in a small lake up at the end of the Vail Golf Course and some movement caught my eye. I turned and there were two of the biggest “marmots” that I had ever seen swimming in the lake – looked like they were patrolling “their” territory. I was puzzled as I had never seen such big marmots and they were totally unafraid of me – came within abou 15 feet – I thought they were going to take my fly…then one slapped his tail on the water and they both dove under …and I realized they were big beavers, with a nest right at waters edge! They stayed with me while I was there – occasionally slipping into the water and patrolling their territory. What a great experience!! –

From SnowWitch, September 2009

Colorado Grand classic car tour visits Vail

The Colorado Grand classic car rally stopped in Vail / Lionshead yesterday.  There were around 70 classic cars parked throughout Lionshead from 10am – 1pm.  It was incredible to see some of these cars.  Ferraris, Porsche, Mercendes, Alpha Romeo, Jaguar, etc.  The rally covers 1,000 miles through some of the most spectacular roads and scenery anywhere.  It is a perfect time for a car tour around Colorado with all the Aspen leaves changing.

Antlers misc 013

Antlers misc 014

Antlers misc 017

Antlers misc 020
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Antlers misc 024
Old school lights

Antlers misc 027

Bears in Vail, can't get in the Antlers bear proof trash bins

Well the bears are sure out in full force around the Antlers at Vail this month.   There have been many stories in Vail about the bears getting into the trash, into cars, dumpsters, etc. as they eat as much as they can to store fat for the coming winter.  A couple of  mornings ago we found one of our bear proof trash containers tipped over.  Was it a bear?  Not that we were checking, but……. the trash bin had some great food from Garfinkles that was thrown away.  Probably it smelled pretty good for a bear.
Tipped over trash can, it was heavy

Antlers at Vail Owners Weekend

Antlers at Vail condominium owners get together annually to discuss Antlers status, future plans and of course mingle over food and activities. The owners dinner took place at the Antlers conference rooms Saturday, September 5 and was filled with delicious food by Amuse Bouche Catering. Everyone in attendance had a great time catching up and having a drink or two. We would like to thank the owners for their presence and the Antlers Staff for making it a huge success.

Mil 1
Owners Meeting

Mil 2
Rob and the Board

Mil 3
Cheers to the Antlers