Fun Fishing & Some Unexpected Moments

We had a surprising moments when were fly fishing this past Labor Day at the end of the Owners Weekend at The Antlers. I was fishing in a small lake up at the end of the Vail Golf Course and some movement caught my eye. I turned and there were two of the biggest “marmots” that I had ever seen swimming in the lake – looked like they were patrolling “their” territory. I was puzzled as I had never seen such big marmots and they were totally unafraid of me – came within abou 15 feet – I thought they were going to take my fly…then one slapped his tail on the water and they both dove under …and I realized they were big beavers, with a nest right at waters edge! They stayed with me while I was there – occasionally slipping into the water and patrolling their territory. What a great experience!! –

From SnowWitch, September 2009

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  1. Get this…. there is also a Beaver den outside of the Antlers, on the river just west Antlers pool deck! While walking along the bike path, just look for the big pile of sticks. About 20 feet west of the pool deck, then look towards the river. It is along the river bank also. It isn’t a big den, but there are a few Beavers living there for sure, we’ve seen them. Probably bachelors.

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