Vail ski conditions Dec 27

Well, the Back Bowls are OPEN !  Chair 5 has been open for two days now and conditions are excellent.  Vail’s ski conditions are really the best they have been all season.  The snow that we received these past 6 days has really helped out.  Plus, it is staying cold. Not sure how long it will last as there are plenty of people on the mountain.  The coverage on the back side is better than on front.  I think mainly because the Back Bowls just haven’t been skied on very much at this point.  Rumors are that they’ll open China Bowl tomorrow.   Chris R.

Milt's Face
Halfway down Milt’s face and the snow is great.

Game Creek
You know what?  I’m always curious if anyone reads these silly posts….  So post a “comment” below or send an e-mail and if you can name this run straight across on this picture, I’ll put a complimentary bottle of wine in your room the next time you are in town.  Use our Vail ski area maps if you need to.  (the first three to name it, win.  And NO, you can’t win a bottle if you work at the front desk)     Chris Ratzlaff

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  1. Ouzo from the end of Baccarat? Is that the Chalet? At any rate, I’ve been searching for real live and local snow reports, definitely bookmarking this blog. Crossing my fingers for Blue Sky Basin being open in 2 weeks.

  2. I agree it looks like the Game Creek lift and Ouzo or Faro above the Game Creek Trail and then down to the lift. I tried Chris, but then Game Creek was the only Bowl open when I was there Vail Daze. Haven’t been back to the other bowls, except Blue Sky Basin for quite some time. Hope you get more responses!

  3. I think they’ll be opening Blue Sky Basin within the week. Surprised they haven’t opened China Bowl already. The original Back Bowls are steeper than China, yet they have the Back Bowls “classic” open already. With easier cat walks in Blue Sky and China, there are not too many reasons not to open them. I’m curious. Perhaps they are waiting for one more snowfall? 50% chance of snow on Wednesday.

  4. Read your blog all the time. It’s the best place to go to get the real information on snow conditions, predicted new openings (like where they are blowing snow or working on starting to open a lift), and basic vail mountain knowledge.
    Thank you and keep it up…..

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