Vail ski report and ski conditions December 18

Boy, it looks like it wants to snow but it just teases us.  Another inch today with some good flakes falling early in the morning, but then the sun came out later in the day.  Every little bit helps to keep things soft.  Rumors that they might try to open Blue Sky Basin with access via Sleepy Time Cat-walks.  We’ll see.  Today I did a few runs with Marty Kovens out of Florida.  He has been staying at the Antlers at Vail forever.  This guy skis fast!  I’m glad he didn’t mind waiting……   Chris R.

Jeff Jacobs

Vail ski conditions
Marty wouldn’t allow me to get a picture of him, so I filled in (Chris R.)

Vail snow December
Heading down Simba for the end of the day makes for some good carving.

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