Fondue Party at the Antlers at Vail

Chef Angelee Aurillo

Hello everyone it is Angelee, the Chef at the Antlers at Vail! Lent is coming to an end for those of you who have been dedicated over these last 40 days.  And, we have  a reward for all of you who gave up chocolate, or those that just want a fun time to spend with your friends and family this Easter Week.

We are offering to all of our guests a Fondue evening Thursday night & Easter Sunday!  Dark and white chocolate fondue served with delicious dipping options:  Strawberries, Bananas, Rice Krispy Treats, Marshmallows, M&M’s, Pound Cake, Colored Sprinkles, Cookies, Pretzels and Vanilla Wafers!

Thursday Night Fondue has been a great success with children and adults, alike…Usually we have the fondue party on Thursday evenings (from 7-9pm), but I thought it would be a great idea to offer it twice this week.  What better way to celebrate!!  The cost is $10/person and includes milk and coffee.  We also sell red wine (a natural partner to chocolate) for $5/glass (cash only, please.)

If you and your family will be attending an evening Mass on Sunday night and cannot make it at the time offered, don’t worry, we can deliver it to your room for when you return!  All you have to do is (gently) re-heat the chocolates; all of the dippers will be there!  Just let Katie know how many people are in your party and that you would like it delivered to your room also on what night your party will be attending…You can reach her at:  970.476.2471 or at:  She will respond with all of the details.  Come one night or both nights, we would love to have you!!  Please reserve your place as soon as possible; we fill up pretty quickly. We look forward to seeing you and your family!!

Vail snow report and Antlers at Vail ski conditions, March 29

Sunshine baby !  Wonderful snow and warm temps today.  I only had an hour and a half for skiing so I stuck to the front side of Vail mountain.  Groomers were great and the bumps on the top 1/2 of the mountain were still soft.  I would assume that the Back Bowls were good after Noon with good corn skiing.  Enjoy the pics….    Chris R.

Sarah at the top at Eagle’s nest

Vail groomers from Chair # 3

The grooming train

Gore Range from the Pride chairlift

Spring break in the Rockies, Vail Colorado

4 More inches of snow today.  I didn’t get up on the hill but everyone is all smiles.  Soft snow and sunshine.  Here is a picture I took with my camera phone this afternoon around 3pm.  It is spring break in the Colorado Rockies.  There are plenty of families here for the next two weeks through April 11th.  After that we have one more week that the ski mountain is open (April 11 – 18th).  The Antlers at Vail hotel is running a “Snowball Special”, check it out on our specials page.   The weather will be blue bird skies the next 2 days with snow perhaps coming again on Wednesday.  It’ll be a great time to get in the Back Bowls.  Chris R.

Vail Colorado, Spring break in the Rockies

My 3rd BEST day this season

Usually my days off are on the weekend; however because I had extended family coming into town my schedule allowed me to board Tuesday and Wednesday. Boy, was I ever thankful! Tuesday night produced 3 new inches of powder and the mountain appeared as new as ever. All of my favorite runs and bowls were calling my name and I was literally on cloud 9. If you have not touched foot on powder this season yet, you are missing out!

Coming down Expresso

Going up chair 5 from Sun Down Bowl

Going up chair 5 from Sun Down Bowl

~ Aisha

Just as I Predicted….

It has been sort of a strange ski season as far as the weather man is concerned. A little bit of snow in November. Enough to open the mountain and that’s pretty typical. December was brutally cold. January was unusually warm. February started out as January and that’s when I made my prediction. Late season snow will be here at the end of the month and it will snow until the Mountain closes.

I would be exaggerating if that is what has happened, but not by much. We are definitely getting our share of spits and dumps and along with it, some beautiful sunny days. I have’nt talked to anyone that is complaining about the conditions because there is nothing to complain about.

I went out yesterday for a couple of hours and road the chair with a nice couple from New York. She asked me “Aren’t you the guy that predicted perfect conditions for March and April?” “Yes, that’s me” I replied as humbly as I’m capable.

“It doesn’t get any better than this” he said. “I don’t think we ever have been disappointed coming here”.

His wife asked if I had any thoughts about a good place to eat in town. I told her I was not in the habit of suggesting culinary delights. I am after all, “only a simple weatherman who predicts the future”. (Although I did mention the bowling alley for some great tuna spears).

Come join us for the best conditions of the year.  I predict you will not be disappointed.  Greg

Recipe of the Week from Chef Angelee at the Antlers at Vail


Chef Angelee

Hi Everyone!  It is Angelee, the Chef at the Antlers at Vail!  Every time it seems winter is coming to an end, our wish gets granted and we are blessed with more snow…This recipe is one of my favorites and perfect for an unexpected cold day: A warm, roasted beet salad with oozing Brie.  Don’t rush this recipe if you don’t have to: roast the beets a day ahead, let them rest and they will reward you with an unexpected sweetness.  But do try to have some disposable gloves on hand; otherwise they will leave your finger tips a lovely shade of purple!  Pair this salad with a roasted loin of pork and couscous, garlic bread and a nice Pinot Noir for a fabulous meal!!

Roasted Beet, Watercress and Warmed Brie Salad

4-5 Red or Golden Beets (I like to use both) **

1.5T Vegetable Oil

2 Bunches Micro Watercress (or use Baby Arugula if Watercress is unavailable)

4 individual wedges of Brie (I would use half of a small wheel for 4 portions)

1/3 C White Balsamic Vinegar

1T Honey

1 ¼ C Olive Oil (Mix ¾C Extra Virgin and ½C Pure or Grapeseed Oil)


Fresh Thyme Leaves to garnish

Freshly Ground Pepper to garnish, if desired

Preheat oven to 350*.  Cut off just the tip and bottom of the beets.  In a bowl, toss the beets with the oil.  Wrap lightly in aluminum foil and roast until tender, about 1-1.5 hours.  (You can test for doneness by sticking a knife into the thickest part of the beet.  If it slides in and out easily, they are finished roasting.  You will also know they are finished because the skin will slide off easily.)

While the beets are roasting, make the vinaigrette.  In a bowl, add the vinegar and the honey.  Whisk to dissolve the honey.  (Warmed honey dissolves the easiest…)  Season with salt then begin to slowly drizzle the oil into the vinegar, whisking to emulsify.  (If you put a folded kitchen towel under the bowl, it will stay in place making it much easier to whisk…)   Continue until you have a nice, emulsified vinaigrette.  Put aside until ready to use.

Once the beets have finished roasting, either let them rest at room temperature OR peel, quarter and season with salt.  Put aside and keep warm if you will be serving it immediately.  Leave the oven at 350*.  When ready to serve, cut off the root end and at least 1/3 of the stem of the watercress.  Gently pat dry.  Put the beets (still in their foil) into the oven for 5 minutes and then add the Brie for another 3 minutes or so, to warm through.  In a bowl, add the beets, toss with some of the vinaigrette (adjusting the amount to your taste), season with salt and gently fold in the watercress and the fresh thyme leaves.

Divide the salad onto four plates.  I like to put the tip of the wedge of the warmed Brie resting on the salad at 4 o’clock, if you were looking at a clock.  Sprinkle some reserved thyme leaves and freshly cracked pepper, if you would like and serve!!! It is delicious!!  If you really want to go over the top, drizzle some white truffle oil if you have it over the salad…Magnifique!!

**If the Golden Beets are extremely small, either double the amount or omit them and use only Red.  I like the variety in color; it looks great on a plate.  Be sure to keep the Red and Golden separate because the Red will bleed onto the Golden and they will become red…

“Antlers” racing in the Korbel Conway Cup

Some of our daring and talented Antlers at Vail staff participated in the Korbel Conway Cup Wednesday March 17th.  The Antlers racing team included Rob, Amy, Tom and Thom. Besides it being St. Patrick’s Day, showcasing their skills and our world famous “antlers” was a reason to look like this:

In its inaugural year, the Conway Cup presented by Korbel is a community race featuring 40 four-person teams in a dual-format race.  The winning team will earn entry into the Korbel Ford Cup, along with VIP access and gift bags.  The second and third place teams will also walk away with American Ski Classic swag, like VIP bags, social invitations or VIP access.  All proceeds benefit the Conway Family Fund.

update:  later that day…   Wide World of Sports, the agony of defeat

~ Aisha

The Antlers specialty hats are quite the hit.

Some guests from way up on the 7th floor stopped down and took advantage of the world famous “antlers”.

Stop by the front desk any time for some of your own.  The only catch is you need to send us a picture with you wearing them.


Travel Agents from Brazil

A little golf in the sand


A Field Report from the Sustainable Sleuth

I just returned from a vacation to Disneyland, and while we were in Anaheim we stayed at a hotel owned by a large, well-known chain. I was curious about this corporate hotel’s eco-friendly initiatives – both from a personal standpoint and professionally, as I do public relations work for the Antlers at Vail. The Green Star-rated Antlers has been committed to environmentally conscious practices long before ‘green’ was cool, and was named the 2009 ‘Green Business of the Year’ by the Vail Valley Partnership Success Awards.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream of being an Important Undercover Corporate Spy, I donned my disguise (in this case, dark glasses and Mickey Mouse ears) and informally conducted my own eco-research. The first green evidence I discovered in our hotel room was a typical card in the bathroom affirming the hotel’s dedication to saving water; it instructed us to re-hang towels if we wanted to reuse them. Another card by the bed advised us that the hotel only changes sheets every third day, unless we set the card on the pillow indicating that we wanted the sheets changed. I also discovered Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) in some of the light fixtures and a low-consumption toilet (which, unfortunately, catapulted water out of the bowl when it flushed – but that’s another story) in the bathroom. In seeming conflict with the alleged dedication to water saving, the shower was fitted with a regular flow showerhead and I noticed that housekeeping ran the dishwasher when they cleaned our room even though it only contained four items.

At the hotel’s breakfast buffet, Styrofoam was in use everywhere – dishes, bowls and cups. Boy, was it tough to drink coffee from a Styrofoam cup knowing the dangers – but such is the depth of my caffeine addiction. There were no recycling bins in the breakfast area, and I didn’t see any in the room, lobby or public areas; in fact, each afternoon the housekeepers stacked up so many huge bags of trash along one of the outdoor paths we had to walk a different route.

Like the Wendy’s commercial says, “You know when it’s real.” If you’re trying to live in a more environmentally conscious way, your radar can pretty quickly pick up when a business is mainly adopting eco-friendly practices that happen to save money. Visiting this chain hotel made me even prouder of the Antlers’ authentic and long-standing green practices, because many of its eco-friendly programs actually cost the company money and additional staff time.

For instance, the Antlers recycles 15 tons of waste annually. Along with an in-office recycling system, the property makes it easy for guests to recycle by putting different colored trash bags in the rooms for glass, plastic and aluminum recyclables as well as collection bins on each floor of the hotel. Since 1988, the Antlers staff has adopted a two-mile stretch along the I-70 corridor near the top of Vail Pass, volunteering their time to pick up trash from the area.

The Antlers Vail covers the entire cost of bus passes for its employees who opt to take the bus rather than driving to work. The company also made a significant capital investment in environmentally friendly in-house laundry equipment in 2007. The ozone washing machine allows the hotel to use cooler water temperatures and save energy, while the phosphate-free detergent is biodegradable and far less polluting than typical phosphoric acid-based cleaning products.

If you’d like to know more about the Antlers green programs, click here. Meanwhile, rest assured that I’ll continue to be ever watchful and vigilant in my corporate eco-espionage; my new secret code name is Antlers Agent 99.

Eliza Cross, WordenGroup Public Relations

P.S. Leave a comment if you’re old enough to remember which television show featured Agent 99!