“Antlers” racing in the Korbel Conway Cup

Some of our daring and talented Antlers at Vail staff participated in the Korbel Conway Cup Wednesday March 17th.  The Antlers racing team included Rob, Amy, Tom and Thom. Besides it being St. Patrick’s Day, showcasing their skills and our world famous “antlers” was a reason to look like this:

In its inaugural year, the Conway Cup presented by Korbel is a community race featuring 40 four-person teams in a dual-format race.  The winning team will earn entry into the Korbel Ford Cup, along with VIP access and gift bags.  The second and third place teams will also walk away with American Ski Classic swag, like VIP bags, social invitations or VIP access.  All proceeds benefit the Conway Family Fund.

update:  later that day…   Wide World of Sports, the agony of defeat

~ Aisha

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  1. Let it be known that “Scooter” is a woman, and not a particularly young woman … and she was kicking my ass even before I decided to take a dive.

  2. The Vail Valley Foundation was sooooo happy to have the Antlers team participate in the in inaugural Conway Cup race. If teams were awarded enthusiasm points you would have won!! Your team looked like they were have a ton of fun, but then again I did see Rob “in” the gate (pictured above). Thanks for making it a fun day!

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