Antlers at Vail Receives Platinum Service Award

We are pleased to announce the Antlers at Vail is among the list of Platinum Service Award recipients for 2009-2010. Those participating in Destination Experience, the Platinum Service Program (PSP), are evaluated and recognized for outstanding customer service in the Vail Valley.

The Vail Valley Partnership created the Platinum Service Program in 2001 to provide year-to-year customer service measurement tools for improving service to lodging, retail, restaurants and professional services in the Vail Valley. According to the Partnership, the program enables business owners to market their company as an ‘exceptional customer service provider’, a recognition that contributes to a company’s overall revenue and offers additional marketing opportunities.

So once again we welcome you to come stay at the Antlers at Vail, ‘an exceptional customer service provider’. We also thank you for making it so easy to provide exceptional customer service; it is our pleasure.

~ Aisha

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