Snow falling on Antlers

With the snow finally falling this morning here in Vail and Loveland Mountain and A-Basin opening this weekend, I think it’s safe to say the winter ski season has begun! Snow on The BattleSo get out your skis and boards and gear up! If you know you are going to ski or ride more than 7 days this season there is still time to get an Epic Pass , it is the best deal, and if you have to travel to get here there are some great specials out there. Vail Snowdaze has an amazing lineup this year with some good hotel specials and you can’t beat free concerts! Vail is also introducing a new family oriented festival called Vail Holidaze, from December 18th to 25th.

There is still time to recieve “Book By November 1st” specials here at the Antlers

The Hanging Lake

Hangking Lake

The Hanging Lake is probably the best bang for your shoe leather hike in Colorado. Its just a two mile hike follow a nice stream up the side of Glenwood Canyon. When you reach the top you will be treated to a breathtaking crystal clear lake being fed by a waterfall which in turn is fed by the spouting rock. They say the average hiker will make it to the top in about an hour. It is a highly trafficked trail and so there is railings built in along dangerous areas, bridges crossing the stream, and a beautiful viewing deck built around the lake. When you arrive, make sure to take the trail to the left right at the entrance to the lake. This will take you to the spouting rock which feeds Hanging Lake Creek. Let it be known there are no dogs allowed on this trail, no fishing or swimming in the lake, and it can be a bit confusing to find the trail head since it can only be accessed by traveling on the eastbound side of the highway.

Still, when I hiked it it was incredibly fun, got some great pictures, and even made it down before the rain set in. I highly recommend this hike to anyone looking to get some easy outdoors experience. Below is a basic map (sorry Google doesn’t have the topographic of that area yet) that shows where the trail begins and the basic pathway to the lake. I hope you enjoy the hike!

View Hanging Lake in a larger map

Piney Lake Hiking

Looking for a good short hike without getting too far from civilization? Try heading up to Piney River Ranch and checking out the trails up there. To reach Piney River Ranch from North Frontage Road in Vail, you take Red Sandstone Road to Piney lake road (or county road no.700)travel 11 miles up a gravel road (takes about 40 minutes). The ranch itself is worth a visit as (depending on the season) there are a plethora of activities offered. I highly recommend checking out the ranch’s website to see what activities are being offered before heading up there as they change frequently. On the north side of the lake theres a sign showing the Piney River trail (go right) and the Meadow Creek and Soda Lakes trails (go left!). Both offer very scenic mellow hikes. The falls are very secluded and beautiful and are a very popular photo op location. Below is an interactive google map showing the location of the trail respective to Antlers. The lines are the road up to Piney River Ranch, the Soda Lakes trail, and the Piney River trail.

View Piney Lake Trails in a larger map


The French Deli (Les Delices De France)

As the leaves change and fall off the trees many of the restaurants in Vail close their doors until winter. You can rely on the French Deli in Lionshead Village to stay open. With a simple menu consisting mainly of made to order sandwiches they also have breakfast items as well as home made soups and quiches. Located just steps from the gondola the French Deli is the perfect place to get an espresso and egg sandwich before hitting the slopes or warm up with a cup of hot soup and some fresh, French bread.

French Deli

Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Cheese Sandwich

Chicken Curry Soup and French Bread

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

Brie cheese wheel and fruit

Sorry for the picture quality. They were taken with my phone.

~ Darci

Little foodies in the Kitchen and Fondue Party

Pasta makerLittle foodies
Family/Little Foodies in the Kitchen Week
A Fun filled 1 and ½ hours of food identification with both uncommon and common foods to talk and learn about. Information about 10 nutrients that every child needs and a hands on instruction for making your own spaghetti noodles followed by lunch and Finished with a Healthy Fruity Forks Chocolate Fondue.
When: October 16, 2010
Time: 11:30am to 1pm
Where: Antlers at Vail Kitchen
Cost: Lodging package $160.00 for 1 bedroom condominium with bunks beds includes space for 1 child and 1 parent. Each additional child/parent duo or without lodging $20.

How to make healthy treats for your dog

MaggieWhile this week’s theme for Vail Restaurant Month is Love Fest we don’t want to forget about how loving our pets also means providing them with a healthy diet. This week we are featuring a class demonstrating how to make some treats at home for your dog. It is also a fun family activity!

Chef Barry Robinson will be demonstrating how to make healthy treats for your pet in your own kitchen.
When: Thursday October 7, 2010
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Where: Antlers at Vail Conference Room
Cost: Lodging Package $135.00 for Studio Condominium plus 1 space in class.
$15 per additional person or without lodging.

Greg Gone Green

Since being deputized as the official environmental sustainability coordinator (or green guy doing that green thing) at the Antlers, some of my assignments involve extensive travel.  I continue to ask Rob to send me to Italy, France and China so I can study and report back of “people practices” around the globe; but he doesn’t feel compelled or questions my real intentions. I was however, given permission to travel back to Cleveland and, using my vacation days, I would like to disclose the progress I observed after only 4 months time. (Please reference “Us and Them” blog – 6/12/10)

They aren’t doing very well and I find myself  becoming more of a big pain the culo.

My cousin Tim, who I dearly love, owns and operates the Cleats Restaurants in Ohio.  He recently started to recycle cardboard after I hounded him about it last time I traveled to the Great Middle East.  Metro Waste is the local hauler and I told him “I’m not eating any more of your free food if you don’t start doing something.  These guys pick it up and all you have to do is throw it in a different container.”  Trust me when I say there is a lot of cardboard going into those bins from the everyday operation of 14 restaurants.

Now I’m on him about the glass and aluminum.  “You’ve got to be kidding?  You can put it all in one container, it’s called co-mingle, and you cut back on a tremendous amount of waste and…. the general public will finally begin to respect you.

 He said “I wish you weren’t my cousin. Would you please leave me alone?  The girls (waitresses) wouldn’t take the time to separate things and I wouldn’t ask them to do it”.

So I asked them. “I’m not going to drink any more of your free beer if you don’t consider this.”

They said “Good.  We need your table”.

I will continue to be his pain until I make him understand that he, and countless other business operations, are needlessly throwing away millions of pounds of reusable products.  When he starts to recycle, and I’m sure he will, I can’t wait to tell him about the Food Service Technology Center in San Fransisco that studies energy and water efficiency in commercial kitchens.


Rob.  If you read this you might want to send me to Paris, Rome, etc so I can explain and convince others of the practices in the Western World (or maybe I should just focus on The Antlers).