“As the Antlers Turn…” scene 6

Did you ever plan on getting hurt? 

I don’t think anyone gets up in the morning and thinks “Today would be a good day to break my ankle.”  I don’t know anyone who says ” As soon as I’m done with breakfast, I’m going to slam the car door on 4 of my fingers or slip on the ice, fall forward and break my nose again.”  Injuries happen and it’s always a surprise.

We here at the Antlers hotel have had our share of mishaps over the years.  Some serious and some not so. Regardless of the severity, we heal.

Let’s say you are out skiing with your friends and you fall down. My personal observation of everyone that gets “bit by a snow snake” is as follows.  First you’re surprised that you just fell down.  Then you believe it hurts.  Then you wonder why it hurts. Then you apologize to your friends for having to wait for you to get up.  Then you feel really bad because you think you just ruined every one’s day.

Reality ultimately sets in.  You are the one that has to have surgery.  You are the one that goes through therapy.  You are the one that has to use crutches or learns to write with your left hand because of the cast.  Then you heal and you realize it really was just a bump in the road.  It’s another notch in your belt.  Something to talk about with your buddies.  You’re right back where you were and just a little wiser, not cautious, wiser.  There is a difference.  Regardless of how or where you sustain an injury, you can chose to not ever participate in that activity again.  That’s being cautious.  To continue and participate and know not to make the same mistake again, that’s being wiser.

Here’s a few things that have befallen some of the Antlers employees.

Gladys and Lora have both had their share of set backs.  Lora tripped on the carpet and broke her clavicle last year.  Gladys has pushed a vacuum with her right arm for so long, she needed surgery on her elbow.  They’re healed now and still participate.  Lora continues to walk on carpet and when Gladys needs to use a vacuum, she alternates elbows.


We had an employee picnic a few years back and brought a volleyball net with us.  Tom is a tall guy and we wanted him on our team until he “did a smash” and landed awkwardly on his ankle.  He took himself out of the friendly game and watched his ankle balloon.  He found out the next day that the ligaments in his ankle were all torn.  Follow doctors orders and he was bowling at the next employee get together.          

Can anyone guess who belongs to this leg?  It was a great run down Windows in Sun Down Bowl when a large snow snake reared his ugly head.  “Just another notch on my belt and a bunch of screws in my leg.  Worst part about it?  I couldn’t fly anywhere because I couldn’t get through security.”  He has seen and experienced worse in the years he has played here and he continues to be a constant participant.  Nothing keeps him down.  On Sunday, he will ski in the morning, play golf in the afternoon and then text everyone that he’s at the bowling alley if anyone wants to join him.

Magda has a good one in recent months.

I have something to say about myself.

Darci is still in the process of fixing herself.

And Randi is the most recent participant on the playground.  All that coming soon……..

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  1. Being in the medical profession a new “idea” or diagnosis is now being integrated into the community. Accidents are no longer….they are now called incidents. But most of us all know that a little knowledge gets us a long way and a lot of knowledge gets us a longer way. We must continue to learn and experience so we can be wiser and more prepared for our next incident/accident.

  2. So I agree. I now know what the difference is between an accident and an incident. I created an incident today. Thank you for distinguishing between the two Maura! Loved the massage I got on the ride down on the sled all bundled up like a newborn baby! Bumpity, bump, bump! Yee-haw! Thank you Dan at the front desk for the ride home from VVMC!

  3. OK, so the pain pills made me write the above. Now, almost to the four week mark and my PT said 6 months to a year…… It doesn’t matter whether it was an incident or an accident, just wish it wouldn’t have happened. This is something I wish on no one! It’s a Pain in the Neck (or leg), don’t care if it is defined as incident or accident. Still Dazed and Confused! But I will thank all at the Antlers that drove me to the Head PT clinic and Dan for taking my luggage down to the front desk, my last day, and I never ask for help with luggage. Most of all and Chris knows, the person who “went beyond the call of duty” was Gladys. Bless her kind soul when she stepped out of a unit to help me in my unit and asked to help me with anything. My sister had left and I was left for two days by myself after the surgery and she touched my heart with her concern and care. Hoping to ski again but not for a year…. It’s a powder day here at home and I can’t even roll in it with the dog. So sad…….. for her AND me.

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