Action Photos / Wine And Cheese Party

Jerome, Larry, Author and Rich talk shop. Ski shop that is.

Just about everyone in the room had skied or did a snow shoe earlier in the day.  I took no photos of that.  I did , however, snap some shots of everyone enjoying themselves at the Wine and Cheese Party that evening.  The Antlers hosts the gathering every Tuesday in the winter months.

Risa Bressler, Larry's wife, helps herself while the men talk shop.

  Come join us won’t you?

Teresa Buckley, Rich's wife, says hello to the camera.

Use to be employee Bert, with wife Kim, stopped by after a snow shoe to say hello.

Arlene and Arthur are proud of their ski day on the Mountain.

Magda introduces Isabelle, the Antlers youngest employee.

....and of course, a couple of regulars.

Taste of Vail Package

Save the date —  the Antlers at Vail invites you join us this April 7-9, 2011 for the 21st Annual
, one of America’s most legendary culinary events.

Unlike any other major wine and food event in the country, Taste of Vail has become known as an intimate, one-of-a-kind opportunity to personally meet and mingle with more than 50 winemakers and winery owners from some of the world’s most premier wine brands, while tasting their fabulous vintages and dining on the culinary creations of Vail’s world-class restaurants and chefs… and of course experiencing one of the world’s most beloved mountain resort destinations before ski season comes to an end!

 The Antlers at Vail is proud to be part of this unforgettable event.   Your Taste of Vail package for $695 per person (based on two) will include THREE nights mountainside accommodations in a One Bedroom/One Bathroom condominium, plus two tickets for access to Taste of Vail’s three famous signature events ($700 value):

• 6th Annual Colorado Lamb Cook-Off
• Mountain Top Picnic
• Grand Tasting
For more details about Taste of Vail, please visit

“As the Antlers Turn….” scene 12

Who is Marie Roberts?      

In scene 11, I had mentioned an item I bid on at the Vail Valley Partnership Awards Banquet.  It was a silent auction and I never bid on anything for several reasons.  First, I don’t need a ski vacation package and second, I’m a very frugal (cheap) individual.  But I did fall in love with one particular item that was innocently lined up with all the other items.      

As I walked by the tables looking at the donated vacations, massages, chiropractic visits, CME rides, dinners at various restaurants, hot air balloon rides and so on, I stopped and began to stare.  I was frozen to the floor in my borrowed Italian loafers and my eyes focused on the only item I would ever bid on.       

I looked at my friend and said “I’ve got to have it.”      

Just a couple of regular joes at the golf course

A Fifty Dollar bill was a lot of money in '67.

She said “It must be a guy thing.”       

The clipboard that held the sheet to offer a bid on this treasure simply stated “Minimum Bid – $250.  (increments of $25 please).       

I thought to myself and then explained to my friend  “I’m going to scare the hell out of any one else that would even consider bidding on this.”      

“What’s your plan” she asked.       

“I’ve got to get rid of the high rollers” I explained.  “I’m going to bump this bid to $275.  That will put people in their seats.”     

She looked at me stupefied, and to kind to say what she was thinking.  She did, however, say “I don’t think it will hold up.”     

I then explained “This money is coming from my new skis fund.  It’s all I have.”     

She then said “If you plan on buying new skis for $250, you better take a time machine back to 1967.”    

“Your brutal sarcasm is beginning to test me.  Why don’t you go and get us a couple of martinis.  I have some paper work to fill out.”    

I then scribbled in my bid and printed my name legibly on the clipboard.  It was 6:30 PM.   

I went back to our table.  It was time to eat.  Then it was time to check the bid sheet.  No more names. Then it was time to dance.  Then it was time to check the bid sheet.  No more names.  My plan was working.  I did scare the hell out of the high rollers.  It was 8:30 and the bidding closes down at 9:00.  I announce to everyone at our table that I wasn’t getting new skis this season.  I started to cry.   

I looked at Chris and said “I need new skis. I don’t need a picture of Arnie and Jack.”   

Everyone at the table overheard my conversation with Chris and no one had any pity for me.  I reasoned with myself and told the group “I need to give something  to my son when I die.  This will be perfect.  I’m going to buy it like a man.  Lets dance.”  

It was now 9:30 PM and went back to check the bid sheet.  Low and Behold!  Another name and a $300 bid.  It was Marie Roberts.  I looked at my friend and said “I don’t believe this.  She’s probably a trust-funder. Lets dance.”  

My friend said “I saw this Marie when she collected the item.  She was not a pretty women.”  I was puzzeled by that remark.  

The hours passed and the night was through.  I quietly walked home and thought about the only thing I ever wanted to give my son when I die.  How disappointed he will be.  

I managed to get a hold of this picture of Marie.  If you see her, could you tell her how disappointed I am.  

Let the truth be told…….When I returned home that evening I opened my door and threw my keys on the kitchen counter. Right beside the picture of Arnie and Jack. 

I, again, was frozen to the floor.  A Post-It Note was on the picture and it simply said “Thanks for being you.”  

Marie Roberts


Finally some sun in Vail for the Back Bowls

After an incredible couple of months with snow and more snow, we finally have some sun.  Vail’s Back Bowls are in excellent condition.  Enjoying the views.  And Vail mountain is extending its operating hours this coming weekend.  

Beginning Friday, Feb.18, Vail Mountain will move to its full spring operating schedule at which time the majority of front side lifts will close at 4 p.m.; the Sourdough Lift (#14) will close at 3:30 p.m. Lifts and terrain in Game Creek, Sun Up, Sun Down, Tea Cup, China, Siberia, Inner and Outer Mongolia Bowls will also close at 3:30 p.m. Blue Sky Basin’s Skyline Express Lift (# 37) and Earl’s Express Lift (#38) will close at 3 p.m. and Pete’s Express Lift (#39) will close at 2:45 p.m. Lift operating hours are posted at the base of all open lifts.

View of the Back Bowls from the top of Blue Sky Basin

Cow’s Face

Vail’s Yonder

“As the Antlers Turn….” scene 11


 Lets play dress up.                    

 For those that live here and for those that visit on a regular basis, we know this is a casual town when it comes to attire.  So when there is an opportunity to put on your Sunday best and “jet set” with other locals for an evening, we jump all over it.  The 8th Annual Vail Valley Partnership Awards Banquet and Gala gave us the opportunity this past weekend.  This is the same Gala that the Antlers received Business of the Year in 2003 and Green Business of the Year in 2008.  We were nominated for “Happiest Table at the Banquet” this year… and we won.                    

Happy to be there all dressed up.  Happy for the adult beverages and dinner. Happy for the winners of this years awards.  Happy for the live music and dancing that everyone at our table enjoyed and participated in.                    

I do mean everyone.  Rob seemed just a bit out of character when the band struck it’s first note and he was twirling to the beat.  It lasted for quite awhile and he was finally tapped on the shoulder and asked to “take a rest.”  His shirt tails exposed and his tie slackened, he reluctantly walked off the the dance floor and began to mingle.          

I stand by while Rob plans his access back to the dance floor. (Security is in the background.)

 Chris got into a bidding war over who would be his next partner (the girls were lined up at the door for their chance, just like high school when they stood by the gymnasium door.  I heard one say “He’s such a dreamboat, and look at him dance!”  She then placed the back of her hand over her forehead and fainted.                 

Pick me, ohhh, pick me.

  This years Gala Girls included Randi, Stephanie, Darci, Amy, Katie and Magda.  They took charge as usual.  What a bunch of dreamboats in their own rite.  They not only showed us guys what fork to use and wiped the pudding off our ties, but made us extremely proud to be in their company.           

At one point Chris needed "protection". "Go hide in the bathroom Ratz and I'll tell you when it's safe".

The Gala Girls enjoy a common soft drink. But where is Magda?

This years event was held in the Ballroom at the Marriott.  In addition to the scheduled events for the evening, there also was a silent auction that preceded the festivities.
 I mention this because for the first time in my life, I bid on something and I wanted it. 
 A black and white of Arnie Palmer settling a friendly, $50 wager with Jack Nicklaus after a private round of golf.  Beautifully framed with the $50 bill encapsulated with it.  It was titled “The Bet – Circa 1967”. 
My bid held up until late in the evening.  Marie Roberts scratched her name on the bid sheet and offered more than I was willing to spend. 
Does anyone know this person?  I really would love to get my hands on that piece of art.  (This actually is a story within a story and I will let you in on the little secret of “her”  identity later.)

Sharing an enchanted moment with Marko. "Hey big boy, wanna' dance?"

 When I was asked to attend this years extravaganza, I spoke for all of us when I said “Sometimes I feel we are the most fortunate people in the world.”    

Marie, are you out there?  Give me a call.   



Randi explains to Magda “It’s bad enough when someone else wears your dress, but I wore the tablecloth!”



Cinebistro, the new upscale movie theater, located in the Solaris in Vail Village offers gourmet dining paired with the newest movies. All movie seats are high-back leather rocker chairs and have a slide-out table tray. They have 3 theaters with 3-D capabilities.

Cinebistro Movie Ticket

Cinebistro offers an assortment of specialty cocktails and wines. You can enjoy a drink in the lounge before you are seated, then have a gourmet dinner brought right to you before the show starts. The menu offers appetizers, entrees, desserts and even traditional movie items like popcorn and candy. A server will come by and take your order then bring out your meal and beverages. They charge for everything  upfront when you place your order and the server gratuity is added. If you will be dining plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtime as they do not bring out food/drink items once the movie has started. You are not required to order food and they do offer parking (be sure to have your ticket validated after the show). You can check show times and order tickets online here.