“As the Antlers Turn…..” scene 15

What do you want first, the good or the bad news?

Although we did not win the “Grand Prize”, we did win.  I haven’t written the e -mail to anyone yet explaining our good fortunate, but when I do it will go like this:

From:  G Ziccardi

Subject:  Lottery Results

Do not quit your day job.  The big winner is from New York and I’m sure, whoever he or she is, that individual needs the money more than us.

These are the results of our 100 tickets (checked and then double checked because I couldn’t believe the results the first time).  Of the 100 tickets, 3 of them were in the money.  One ticket for $2, one for $3 and the last for $7.  Divided by 20 players, the net profit is $0.60 each. 

Not included is the Service Charge ($0.77) that everyone is responsible for and the Fuel Surcharge ($0.67) that recently has been levied.  After re-calculation, everyone owes me an additional $0.74.  I have decided to forgo these additional charges.

Any problems with that?  If so, have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch.


A few souls called and wanted to know the results on Sunday morning.  I felt like I let everyone down.  Randi was first.  “Should I buy that trip to Switzerland?” she asked.  I only said “No, but you can buy some gas for your car and come back to work tomorrow.”

I saw Lora this morning and she seemed convinced and confident when she asked “Did we win?”.  Thank God she got a radio call and had to walk away before I said anything.  I’ll break the news to her Monday.

Amy just wanted a new golf bag.  “Fortunately, I don’t need $5 million for that.  I’ll manage.”

Chris Ratz seemed more concerned than I thought he would be.  “What do you mean we didn’t win?  I already told my father he could use Tom’s Cadillac and stay at Elsa’s new house.”

My mother was probably most upset.  I promised her the first $100K.

The real good news is we are all back where we belong.  No new hassles in our lives, just the routines we are accustomed to and do so well. 

The bad news is the Power Ball Jackpot is getting close to $100 million.

“As the Antlers Turn….” scene 14

What are we going to do with $335,000,000 ?

This is how it went today.

I overheard the amount that someone could win in the MEGA MILLIONS  drawing that will be held tonight, Friday, March 25.

With relation to our national debt, it’s an eye droppers worth.  With relation to what I have in the bank, it’s an oil tankers worth.

I thought  to myself “self, if we could all chip in as a group, we could raise the odds of winning this thing and make some national press for the Antlers at the same time.”  I approached the potential participants through the day and collected $100.  One hundred chances to win $335,000,000.

The odds of getting hit by lightning tonight have now been reduced to getting run over by a jet liner at Eagle County Airport.

After I purchased the tickets, I sent this E-Mail out to the 20 participants.

From:  G Ziccardi

Subject:  What to do with 335 million$’s

Ok,you guys are in.  (Lora:  tell Martha, Bertha, Elsa, Lorena, Darwin and Carolina that I have their $5.00 as well.)

I collected $100 and we purchased that amount at the most appropriate place for this sort of thing.  The liquor store.

Each ticket printed is for $5.  Twenty tickets total.

They are locked up in a sealed mayonnaise jar as I write this.  We will look at them together in the back office at 9:00 AM  on Saturday morning.

If you are compelled to look at the results before we meet, please do not share the knowledge for the sake of others that want to be surprised.

In all likelihood, this is where we all will be on Saturday morning…. Estimated jackpot for the MEGA MILLIONS drawing on Friday night is $335,000,000 – in half for the cash option is $167,500,000 – less 29% tax is $118,925,000 – divided by 20 players $5,946,250 each.  Everyone OK with that?

I’m doing a blog on this before the drawing and everyone has to answer this question or you don’t get your share.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE 1st $100,000?  (Don’t write back and I will answer for you.)

(ROB and MAGDA.  You guys don’t give me $5 by 7:30 PM on Friday night, I will sell the ticket to me and really screw up the math.)


Here are some of the responses I received today (and I need to edit some comments because people have a tendency to be self absorbed when they fantasize.)

Magda:  “Up to $250, I will buy a house in Edwards with a garden for Izzy to play in.  Then I will travel to Europe and visit friends and family for a month.  Then I will go visit friends and family in South America for a month.”

Katie:  “I agree with Rob.  But first I would buy that Austin Healy I have always wanted. Everything after that is travel.”

Chris Ratz:  “What’s an Austin Healy?”

Chris A:  “Land….(a smile on his face and a tear in his eye)…lots of land.”

Rob:  “My first $100K goes to pay off some debt…..along with a whole bunch of the next $100K’s.  But that’s SOOO boring.  The real question is what to do with the real first “post debt” $100K?  An epic cruise would be nice, but they probably don’t take dogs, so that’s out..  Maybe a 6 month road trip in Evelyn’s new ride…WITH the dog. $500 day allowance.  That ought to cover some pretty nice digs, killer meals and some memorable golf (for me) and spa treatments (for her).  Ooooooh I can hardly wait.”

Elsa:  “A house….and a car…and a new truck.”

Chris Ratz:  “A new truck and then the rest goes into a 5 year CD locking in interest at a generous .009%.  You guys will all have so many toys… I’ll just use yours when your on vacation.”

Tom:  “A Cadillac.”

Darci:  “I’ve been to Disney World, so I guess I plan a trip to a beach that has attractive servants bringing me fruity cocktails with little umbrellas.  I will stay as long as I want to.”

Randi:  (Oh my God.  She’s going to Switzerland, renting chalet’s, Africa, Kilimanjaro, wants to discover a new species, English huts, the Red Sea, Mars, Jupiter, and it goes on…………)

It’s 7:28 PM and the drawing is about to change our lives.  Gotta go.  Results in the next day or two…..

(I wonder who is going to cover for all this vacation time?)

Design Your Own Discounted Spring Ski Package, Save Up To 50%

The Antlers at Vail hotel Spring skiing in Vail

Left, Antlers at Vail hotel; right, photo by Jack Affleck

“Stay three nights and your fourth, fifth and sixth are free!” declares Antlers at Vail

Locals know that springtime in Vail is one of the best times to enjoy the resort’s award-winning slopes and attractions. April brings abundant snow, shorter lift lines and springtime sunshine, and the conveniently-located Antlers at Vail hotel offers a ‘Design Your Own Ski Package’ from April 10 to 24, 2011. Pay for three nights and the fourth, fifth – and even sixth night is free. A one-bedroom bunkroom that sleeps four people starts at just $355 per night for the first three nights, with up to three additional nights free. Coupled with Vail Resorts’ deeply discounted lift tickets and passes, springtime values can’t be beat.

Along with reduced rates, the resort’s ‘Spring Back to Vail’ promotion features plenty of end-of-the-season events and activities featuring on-mountain snow events and street parties, concerts including a performance by Train on April 16 and the 12th annual Bud Light Street Beat free concert series held Thursday nights, Vintage SkiFest on April 16 at Beaver Creek, and the World Pond Skimming Championships. The best party of the year is held at the top of Vail Mountain on closing day — April 24 this year – when many arrive in costume to celebrate another great season. “Whether there’s a blizzard raging or it’s warm and sunny, the closing day party is always a good time,” says Antlers GM Rob LeVine, a Vail local for more than 30 years.

The Antlers offers plenty of generous, money-saving perks including complimentary fitness passes to nearby Vail Athletic Club, fully equipped kitchens for eat-in savings, complimentary indoor parking in the Antlers’ heated garage, free internet access, a heated pool and hot tubs with million-dollar views. The hotel also sponsors popular activities including biweekly morning yoga classes and weekly happy hour receptions.

Since 1972, the Antlers has offered a unique Vail lodging experience in a relaxed mountain setting. The Antlers Vail condominiums – named the ‘Green Business of the Year’ by the Vail Valley Partnership Success Awards – is also proud to be a Green Star rated business. With condominiums ranging from studio suites up to four bedrooms and plenty of space to spread out, each room at the Antlers offers all the comforts of home including fully-equipped kitchens, fireplaces, outdoor balconies, free Internet access and free parking in a heated indoor garage. The Antlers Vail is conveniently located in the Lionshead area of Vail with numerous restaurants, galleries and shops within walking distance, and the free Vail town shuttle stops just footsteps away. For more information, call 1-800-843-8245 or visit the Antlers web site at www.antlersvail.com.


Ski Joring

If you are looking for something a little different to do on a weekend,  I suggest if at all possible heading to Leadville Colorado when they are having their annual Ski Joring event. It typically happens in March and I had the chance to attend this weekend and what fun it was. As someone who grew up ridding horses and skiing I can’t believe I never got involved in this long before now but I guess they just don’t do things like this in New Mexico! The town spends several day putting snow back on the main street packing it down and building jumps. There are two different courses depending on skill level Sport skiers have higher jumps than the Open registration and Legend skiers. They even have a children event (they get pulled by snowmobiles at a much slower pace).


Leadville is a nice little town to spend a day in and a short drive from Vail, dress warm and take your camera. I’m off to start training my horses for next years event!

Mike Fries

2010 Ski Joring Champion Mike Fries



“As the Antlers Turn….” scene 13

I need to get half serious.

One sheet, pillow case, towel, wash cloth...at a time.

It’s very busy around here. 

The snow is “epic”.  The atmosphere is festive. Grand-parents, parents, kids, cousins and friends are all having a thrill. 

Un-noticed while the outside world spins is the quiet man. This particular person is working as hard as anyone at the Antlers this time of year. You need to know what goes on downstairs and what he does.  A few facts and history.

One of the requirements on the original job description stated “individual must have the ability to work independently”.  Aniceto Quinones was looking at the classifieds in 1994 and jumped out of his chair and ran to the kitchen where his wife was cooking his favorite meal.  “Ilda, Ilda, I found the job I want.  I’m going to the Antlers to tell them I’m their man.”  Millie Barela hired him that week to take care of the overwhelming laundry situation we have here.  Ever since, he’s been the first here in the morning, one of the last to leave at night and he takes his job very seriously.  On average, Aniceto works 10 hours a day because he wants to and as Randi put it “we have to force him to take a vacation.”

He told me “I love my job and it is very important not to fall behind.  If we miss one day it is very hard to catch up.  Our guests would not like drying themselves after a shower with a wash cloth.” 

“So how much laundry is there Aniceto?”  He got out a scratch pad and started writing numbers down and then multiplying them by storage closets and whoa.  “Many thousands every week and do not forget that I have to do bath mats, bedding and throw rugs.”  He also tears and squares linens and towels that are not up to standards for guest use.  Those are recycled for housekeepers to use as rags.  He washes those as well.

The laundry facility that Aniceto calls his home away from home, is not what it was 15 years ago.  With one washer and two dryers, he managed until our 2000 building expansion which incorporated 22 additional condominiums.  It is now equipped with the newest and most efficient machines available. 

Two commercial washers and three large capacity dryers are his co-workers for most of the day.

A few questions for the man.
“Do you and Ilda have any kids?”  “Yes, four and one grandson.”
“When you do take vacation, any place special?”  “Cancun or Durango, Mexico.”
“How about hobbies?”  “Not really.  But I do enjoy my walks along the creek everyday.”
“Football or Soccer?”  “Football and not the kind that John Elway played.”
“Favorite Food?”  “Chile Relenoes.”
“Beer or Wine?”  “Beer.”
“Dog or Cat?”  “Dog.”
Lunch is fun. Sometimes it’s nice to be out numbered.

(Honorable mentions need to go to Cristobal, Darwin, Macario, Calletano and Bryan who fill in when Aniceto sleeps, and who could forget Igor.)

Greg z.