“As the Antlers Turn….” scene 14

What are we going to do with $335,000,000 ?

This is how it went today.

I overheard the amount that someone could win in the MEGA MILLIONS  drawing that will be held tonight, Friday, March 25.

With relation to our national debt, it’s an eye droppers worth.  With relation to what I have in the bank, it’s an oil tankers worth.

I thought  to myself “self, if we could all chip in as a group, we could raise the odds of winning this thing and make some national press for the Antlers at the same time.”  I approached the potential participants through the day and collected $100.  One hundred chances to win $335,000,000.

The odds of getting hit by lightning tonight have now been reduced to getting run over by a jet liner at Eagle County Airport.

After I purchased the tickets, I sent this E-Mail out to the 20 participants.

From:  G Ziccardi

Subject:  What to do with 335 million$’s

Ok,you guys are in.  (Lora:  tell Martha, Bertha, Elsa, Lorena, Darwin and Carolina that I have their $5.00 as well.)

I collected $100 and we purchased that amount at the most appropriate place for this sort of thing.  The liquor store.

Each ticket printed is for $5.  Twenty tickets total.

They are locked up in a sealed mayonnaise jar as I write this.  We will look at them together in the back office at 9:00 AM  on Saturday morning.

If you are compelled to look at the results before we meet, please do not share the knowledge for the sake of others that want to be surprised.

In all likelihood, this is where we all will be on Saturday morning…. Estimated jackpot for the MEGA MILLIONS drawing on Friday night is $335,000,000 – in half for the cash option is $167,500,000 – less 29% tax is $118,925,000 – divided by 20 players $5,946,250 each.  Everyone OK with that?

I’m doing a blog on this before the drawing and everyone has to answer this question or you don’t get your share.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE 1st $100,000?  (Don’t write back and I will answer for you.)

(ROB and MAGDA.  You guys don’t give me $5 by 7:30 PM on Friday night, I will sell the ticket to me and really screw up the math.)


Here are some of the responses I received today (and I need to edit some comments because people have a tendency to be self absorbed when they fantasize.)

Magda:  “Up to $250, I will buy a house in Edwards with a garden for Izzy to play in.  Then I will travel to Europe and visit friends and family for a month.  Then I will go visit friends and family in South America for a month.”

Katie:  “I agree with Rob.  But first I would buy that Austin Healy I have always wanted. Everything after that is travel.”

Chris Ratz:  “What’s an Austin Healy?”

Chris A:  “Land….(a smile on his face and a tear in his eye)…lots of land.”

Rob:  “My first $100K goes to pay off some debt…..along with a whole bunch of the next $100K’s.  But that’s SOOO boring.  The real question is what to do with the real first “post debt” $100K?  An epic cruise would be nice, but they probably don’t take dogs, so that’s out..  Maybe a 6 month road trip in Evelyn’s new ride…WITH the dog. $500 day allowance.  That ought to cover some pretty nice digs, killer meals and some memorable golf (for me) and spa treatments (for her).  Ooooooh I can hardly wait.”

Elsa:  “A house….and a car…and a new truck.”

Chris Ratz:  “A new truck and then the rest goes into a 5 year CD locking in interest at a generous .009%.  You guys will all have so many toys… I’ll just use yours when your on vacation.”

Tom:  “A Cadillac.”

Darci:  “I’ve been to Disney World, so I guess I plan a trip to a beach that has attractive servants bringing me fruity cocktails with little umbrellas.  I will stay as long as I want to.”

Randi:  (Oh my God.  She’s going to Switzerland, renting chalet’s, Africa, Kilimanjaro, wants to discover a new species, English huts, the Red Sea, Mars, Jupiter, and it goes on…………)

It’s 7:28 PM and the drawing is about to change our lives.  Gotta go.  Results in the next day or two…..

(I wonder who is going to cover for all this vacation time?)

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