Antlers Halls and Walls

Some things just don’t last forever and some things simply need to be accented.

The carpet on our walkways outside all the Antlers at Vail condominiums was crying “I’m tired.  I’m worn out and I want to be recycled.”  The Antlers Board and owners granted the wish.  They approved the purchase of 18,000 square feet of new carpet, 240 gallons of glue, 400 lbs of floor leveler, and Castle Peak Carpet Installers to do the job.

Tommy Hymes of Castle Peak Carpet, slices one of the 11 rolls shipped from Belgium.


Lay down that glue and roll it over.


7th Floor down and 6 to go.

















My favorite.

Our garage walls have been just that for too long…..garage walls.  They were in dire need of some accent pieces. Our underground, heated, well lit parking structure.  now has artwork.  With the permission of long time resident and photographer Jack Affleck, we retained New Vista Image to reproduce some incredible photographs of the Vail Valley.  Mounted on 4′ x 8′ sheets, the color and imagery are amazing.

Tom and Ryan secure some "garage art" for free public viewing.


“As the Antlers Turn”……17

The Case of the Bathroom Bandits

One of the routines around here happens the first thing every morning.  The pool gates are unlocked and the changing rooms are opened for cleaning.  It’s always an adventure to open those changing room doors to see what might have been left behind from the night before.  Usually though, it’s just several  dirty towels, a bathing suit, one flip flop and maybe some underwear.  This particular morning was a total surprise.

Brian, one of our cracker jack houseman, was first on the scene.  He opened the west changing room door and noticed it didn’t want to move any further than a few inches.  He put his shoulder into it to force the door ajar.  Once inside, he knew he had to call a supervisor.  “Gladys, could you come down to the pool please?”

Tell me what you saw Brian. “Every towel (about 50 of them) had been thrown from their cubbie storage and soaked with water.  Toilet paper rolls had been stuffed down the throat of the porcelain throne. The soap bottles had been emptied and smeared on the mirrors and walls.”

We've limited these pictures to protect the innocence of others. Some things are just too graphic.

It took two cracker jacks 3 hours to clean up the mess.  “We just do our job and move along”, he told me.  “Some kids think this is funny.  I don’t because my Grandma (Millie Barela) told me not to do stupid things or she would tell my Mom and Dad”.

At 3:30 that afternoon the front desk got the call that shocked the staff.  A guest explained from the emergency phone at the pool “Someone has made a total disaster of the changing room down here.  Could someone come and clean up the mess?”

The Banditoes had struck again and in broad daylight! What fearlessness these criminals posses!  We knew we had to call in a private investigation team.

We contacted the Mariah Davis Team, LLC (Darci’s Daughter). Their motto:  “We Know Mischief  Because We’ve Done It.   Let Our Experience Work For You”.

Mariah Davis. We were thrilled she took the case.



She would not be able to crack the case without her two assistants Emily and Katy Radcliffe. They would go undercover and blend in as guests.









They went to work immediately.  Their professionalism was extraordinary.  Interviewing the rest of the commoners, dusting for finger prints and taking into account, of all things, bicycles and who owned them.  I asked “Why the bikes?”  Mariah looked at me with an unflappable expression and said “They will need a get-a-way device.  Now please let us do our job.”

The next morning the changing room at the pool was in total disarray again!  Three times in 24 hours.  Of course Brian was first to spot the damage and called to report it.  He was interviewed by Mariah, Emily and Katy for clues but only kept repeating “I’m really getting sick of cleaning this bathroom.”

Then the break came that the Team was looking for.  Two people of undisclosed age were throwing towels and linens off the 7th floor balcony and there were witnesses.  Mariah quickly grabbed a bicycle and brought it to the lobby.  “What are you doing that for?” she was asked.

“Now we wait.  They’ll be here” she said with certainty.


The trap had been set and now all we had to do was wait…and wait….and wait.

Almost 10 minutes had gone by and as predicted, the two vandals walked into the Lobby to report that one of their bikes had been stolen.  BUSTED.

They were detained in our Lobby and the Kangaroo Court that had already tried and convicted them of these hideous crimes, only needed to render a sentence.  Since we are a kinder/gentler property we decided only to give them a good tongue lashing.  They were released under the custody of their parents.

The Antlers needs to express our appreciation to Mariah and her assistants, Emily and Katy, for solving this case without any real inconvenience to other guests.  They are the consummate professionals.


For the benefit of other properties we have released this photo of the two young men.

Beware. These two could check into your Hotel next.



Raise Your Stein In Honor of the Antlers’ Proximity to Oktoberfest 2011

Home - Dinner

Bratwurst unbridled | Photo by Ernesto Andrade

The following guest post is written by Eliza Cross, an associate of the Antlers’ public relations firm WordenGroup.

I just returned from a great weekend at the Antlers, including a visit to Vail’s Oktoberfest. This annual celebration of beer, brats, polka music, cabbage, dancing, strudel, lederhosen, Fahrvergnügen and all things German is held in Lionshead this year, making it extremely convenient to weave walk back to the Antlers after partaking of the festivities.

I met up with Mary Abel, the lovely and talented Editor in Chief of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine, and her charming husband Chris. Soon we were joined by the Antlers General Manager Rob LeVine, which was handy because Mr. LeVine seemed to be the only person in the crowd who could answer the oft-asked question of why Oktoberfest is celebrated in September.

“The tradition started when Crown Prince Ludwig von Wieneschnitzels was reviewing the catering options for his wedding to Princess ‘Caraway Spice’ Therese,” he would say with a faraway look in his eye, regaling revelers with facts that would make him a fierce contender in the popular German game Das Trivial Pursuiten. We quickly came to a consensus that we should sample some of the readily-available Beck’s beer; it just seemed more German-ish than Bud Light.


In the midst of the crowd we ran smack into Jennifer Williams, publisher of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles. A little while later, we stumbled upon freelance writer Joy Overbeck. Then we collided with Jennifer Aniston and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Okay, I exaggerated that last part—but there were a lot of extremely important celebrities around in addition to ourselves. Approximately every two minutes, various people in the crowd recognized long-time local Rob and shouted greetings and/or insults (sometimes both), depending on how they knew him.

Before long it was time to get another beer and make a rather important decision:  what type of bratwurst should we eat? This was not an easy choice, given that one could indulge in rattlesnake, elk, wild boar, alligator, buffalo or even chipmunk bratwurst. Okay, I made that up about the chipmunk— but seriously, we had a lot of options.

Bratwurst menu at Oktoberfest | Antlers at Vail

After securing four enormous bratwurst sandwiches loaded with sautéed onions and sauerkraut, we delicately and neatly ate our sandwiches NOT, and began planning our next move:  dessert. We drooled over the sophisticated gelatos at Rimini

…but ultimately decided to indulge in cherry strudel and chocolate-dipped almond cookies, both of which pair surprisingly well with beer.

The happy news for you is that Oktoberfest continues next weekend, September 17 and 18. Anyone on the Antlers staff can point you in the right direction toward the festivities, and you can purchase beer and food tokens on the spot. If you’re looking for something fun to do on a gorgeous Colorado autumn day, head to the Antlers, get settled in a nice room, and then weave your way over to Oktoberfest.

And if you order the chipmunk bratwurst, be sure to tell ’em Prince von Wieneschnitzels sent you.


Vail’s Oktoberfest party and beer celebration

It is just that time !   Vail’s Oktoberfest is the yearly festival of beer, music and fall. It is a time to dust off the lederhosen, throw on the dirndl, and toast your steins to the most popular party in the world.

The Town of Vail is hosting two full weekends of oom pah parties, lively demonstrations and traditional German fare in Lionshead and Vail Village. Festivities include brat-eating and Beck’s Keg Bowling contests, yodeling and alpenhorn blowing, and Bavarian dancing. Oktoberfest is two full weekends the whole family will enjoy.  It is in Lionshead near the Antlers at Vail condominiums on September 9 – 11 and then down in Vail Village September 16 – 18.  Both Schedules can be printed here.  The Antlers at Vail will have Vail room rates from $156 per night during this weekends, but these mountain view, Studio suite units will book up early, so call soon.

Party in Lionshead