The Antlers at Vail welcomes The 2013 MAGNETIC RESONANCE PHYSICS COURSE

 Dr. Emanuel Kanal

We are so proud to be the host hotel for Dr. Kanal’s MRI group.  Through the years, it’s been such a pleasure to work with Dr. Kanal and his staff.  Every attendee is amazed by Dr. Kanal’s knowledge and his teaching techniques. This course is highly recommend to radiologists, neurologists, cardiologists, physicists, technologists, industry specialists, and others who seek to understand how MR imaging works and how to clinically apply it.

Below please find a small description about his course:

Since 1985, Emanuel Kanal has taught literally thousands of people the concepts underlying MR imaging physics and their clinical applications. His teaching style is informal, interactive, humorous, enthusiastic, energetic, and unique.  Among the unique aspects of this course is that it takes full advantage of the graphic, interactive format of his custom developed MR tutorial and simulator software programs, which permit real-time simulation of the effects of MR image parameter manipulation on the scanned images. The course will review basic MR imaging principles, including explanations and applications of such parameters as T1, T2, T2*, proton density, TR, TE, TI, flip angle, contrast agents, relaxivity, etc.

It will review spin echo, gradient echo, and inversion recovery (including FLAIR and STIR) imaging techniques and it will lead into a number of more complex MR issues, including several hours dedicated to MR angiography, diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging, sequence optimization techniques for high relaxivity MR contrast agents, and MR spectroscopy.

Kanal is recognized as one of the most sought after MR educators in the world today; is the first to have developed, applied, and presented dynamic bolus contrast-enhanced MRA; and is the pre-eminent physician authority on MR safety issues. As is his style, Kanal will be available to answer questions and clarify concepts at and between each conference session. Participants will leave this conference with a solid understanding of complex but clinically vital MR imaging, angiography, and spectroscopy physics principles and how to apply them to routine clinical diagnostic patient care.

The Antlers is offering amazing rates for attendees of this course.  For more information, a brochure is available for you: Dr. Kanal’s 2013 Vail Course Brochure

Dynamic Skiing for Life Seminar

Dynamic Skiing for Life Program with Margaret McIntyre is coming to the Antlers at Vail this December 9 – 13, 2012!

The Antlers at Vail will be hosting a great new program, new to us at least, that helps get the body ready for the ski season or any other activity. Margaret McIntyre owner of Integrated Movement has been practicing the Feldenkrais Method for over 30 years and is bringing her knowledge and skills back to the Vail Valley for a four day class. What is the Feldenkrais Method you ask? Great questions! According to Margaret, “The Feldenkrais Method® is not medicine, not chiropractic, not massage and not yoga; instead it is a powerful, innovative and effective learning system. You learn how to replace old redundant movement patterns with newer more useful ones. You will discover that you have the capacity to become more skillful and improve your quality of life as you mature and age.” Margaret lived and worked in the Vail Valley for 20 years, now based out of Maui (not too shabby of a relocation!) Margaret comes back to Vail once a year to continue teaching her seminars.  The Antlers is so pleased to be hosting this wonderful program!

Margaret McIntyre


“As the Antlers Turn”……….23

As previously reported, Stella Dasko hit a golf shot heard round the world when she visited last August.  Maybe it wasn’t heard round the world, but it was definitely talked about in the Antlers Lobby that day.  It was a hole in one on the 15th hole at Vail Municipal Golf Course.  You can read all about it in the “As the Antlers Turn”, #22.

I just found out that Stella didn’t tell me the whole story when I interviewed her that day.

I’ve heard it said that after a hole in one , the golfer that accomplishes the feat is obligated to buy a round for everyone in the clubhouse.  I’ve only heard this and have never received a drink from a happy fellow or female after such an accomplishment.  Lord knows, I’ve never had to oblige personally since the closest I’ve ever gotten to a hole in one has been on the Vail Putt-Put track.

Anyway, a nice young fellow from the golf course stopped by the other day and dropped off a bottle of whiskey.  He asked for Stella.  “She’s in Toronto” was the reply at the front desk.

“Could you be sure she gets this?” and the young golf pro handed the decorative bottle to us for safe keeping.

Apparently the new tradition , at least at the Vail Course, is to order and deliver a bottle of Gentleman Jack with some pretty fancy engraving on it.  That’s the part that Stella left out of the interview.

Too shy?  Too much attention on her?  Probably.

Personally, I would be camping out waiting for delivery.  She didn’t even tell us it was coming.

We called Stella and told her it had been delivered and that we all toasted in her honor that afternoon.  (Just kidding.  We toasted after work.)  (Just kidding.  We locked it up and are waiting for her and John to return.)

It’s here Stella and we’re waiting……


40 proof it happened

I’m not sure I would ever open it