Antlers Holiday Lobby

Now that we’ve put Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it’s time to decorate the lobby!

Although we take issue (like many) with Christmas decorations going up too early, under the heading of “True Confessions”, ours were actually up by November 8 this year.  However, we have a great excuse … Two of our MVO’s (Most Valuable Owners), Ron & Dawn Bobuk, were visiting from San Diego.  When Dawn asked innocently, “Would you like me to help put up the decorations?”, we were NOT going to say no.  On the contrary, we actually locked her and Amy in the lobby for three days with only bread and water.  OK, that’s a stretch, but they DID work tirelessly.

Between the Department 54 Village,

Our new Christmas tree,

And the lobby overall…

We’ve never looked better.  Thanks Dawn!

Disaster Academy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our American Red Cross was going about their business.  The importance of their presence can sometimes go unnoticed by the rest of us, but the comfort they provide to victims of any tragedy is never taken for granted.  There are countless services and responsibilities they perform, but not without training and education first.

The Colorado Red Cross assembled in Vail for a 3 day training seminar for the first time as a group this past week and the Antlers hosted their inaugural event.

Jody Acres, area Manager for the Mile High Chapter told me “It is so much more convenient to get everyone in one place rather than hold several smaller classes around the State through the year.  There is much more interaction amongst the 5 regional chapters this way.  It’s more personal and we get to know each other like we haven’t in the past.”

There is so much to be said about the men and women that attend the training.  I for one, did not realize that the majority of Red Cross personnel are volunteers.  They came to the Antlers on their own time, paid for their accommodations and meals and returned home ready to respond.

Jody also explained the training involves everything from “how to run a shelter to psychological first aid to damage assessment.”  She continued “I bet you didn’t know that 95% of the people we help involves single family homes.  If there is a fire or flood we are there for them.”

Don’t be hesitant if you feel the need to offer a cash donation at  I think we all know it’s money well spent.  Many Thanks for what they do.


From 7:00AM to 5:00PM, sixty volunteers and staff met in one of our three conference areas.

And a final call out to Jack Jimmer Hymer who stopped in for a quick hello.

Students Shoulder to Shoulder













I will act as if what I do makes a difference

This Vail Symposium poster hangs in our office and we at the Antlers try to live by those words.  They help guide many of our decisions, including our efforts to be good corporate citizens.  We are quite proud of our record in that regard, and frankly it just got a little better.  A couple months ago, Bob Bandoni introduced us to Students Shoulder to Shoulder.  Their tagline is “The International School of Global Citizenship”.  Rather than try to explain what that entails, we just urge you to investigate their website.  It’s meaningful.


Although the program is five or six years old, Bob explained that they were planning their first Global Solutions Forum here in Vail, in October.  The idea was to bring representatives together from the various NGO’s around the world and the schools who now participate with Shoulder to Shoulder.   The real purpose is simply to further their success and advance the mission.  It took all of about two minutes to recognize the value and importance of this effort.  In the context of our day to day preoccupation with our own lives and businesses, the opportunity to play some small part in something so meaningful was irresistible.

Last week, the Antlers was honored to host ten representatives from a number of the different schools that are now part of the Shoulder to Shoulder “alliance”.  Like some of the other worthy causes that the Antlers has adopted over the years, this was all done at no charge to the participants or their schools.  By helping making it affordable for them to participate in this conference, we like to think that the Antlers is playing a small part in the fulfillment of their mission. 

Like all great ideas, Bob Bandoni and the others behind this effort see it as something much bigger.  It’s not just personal growth for the students, but rather a significant step on the path to making this a better world.  That’s a lofty goal, but one which the Antlers is really proud to be associated with.