Free Yoga Classes at the Antlers at Vail

We will be doing our free Vail yoga classes for our guests again this winter. Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. They are a great way to stretch and unwind after a long day skiing or boarding. Two days not enough? Please check out the Vail Athletic Club for their class schedules. Antlers guest can pick up complimentary passes at the front desk.

Yoga Pose


Antlers at Vail Front Desk Staff Goes to Leonora

If you are looking for somewhere new to eat in the Vail Valley, check out Leonora located in the Sebastian in Vail Village.

It has a unique menu inspired by Spanish cuisine, with flavorful dishes all thoughtfully paired with wines from around the world. The menu consists of a raw bar, tapas, and flatbread choices, followed by the main course of soups, salads and then entrée. Leonora is laid out in a circle, the bar in the middle, allowing a more intimate dining experience

Starting with the raw bar we ordered scallop, salmon and tuna ceviche. The scallop dish was topped with caviar and had white truffle drizzled over. It was a unique combination that tamed the caviars salty taste. The tuna ceviche was my favorite; it contained bits of chopped tuna, fresh herbs and wasabi, this was a table favorite and every bit was eaten up.

For the Tapas we enjoyed the shrimp slider, lobster taco, and the patatas. The patatas were round cut catalan style potatoes with garlic aioli and spicy tomato sofrito dolloped on top, this was also a table favorite. I ordered the shrimp sliders and really enjoyed them, it was that something different that I needed to really balance out all the seafood that I was eating. The Maine lobster tacos were great,  and with four of them we each had our fair share.

We decided to leave some room for the entrée, so we skipped the flat bread (although, it sounded delicious) and moved onto the soups and salads. We tried a variety and enjoyed them all. The lentil soup was delicious and with stewed tomatoes, smoked bacon and the parmesan cheese; it tasted reminded me of chili. The roasted beet salad combined the earthy beet taste with the sweet candied walnuts and honey giving it a unique taste. We also tried the pear salad with fresh Anjou pears, Roquefort cheese and the glazed walnut for extra crunch. The Frisee salad with its exceptional bacon vinaigrette combined with the poached egg went great along with the asparagus and toasted brioche.

For the entrée we had a variety. Starting with the pan-seared tuna with fennel, littleneck clams, and white bean stew. Having ordered tuna from many of the surrounding restaurants, this tuna was expertly prepared and went well with the sides. Next we tried the slow roasted lava lake lamb with bean cassoulet and marguez sausage. The slow roast allowed the lamb to stay juicy and when mixed with the bean cassoulet, it created and exquisite taste.  The mussels sitting in the delicious parsley and shallot broth were also exceptional.  The striped bass with scallops, shrimp, and mussels with black rice and saffron tomato broth was an interesting pairing of foods, and lacked in flavor. Last we tried the braised veal cheeks, which was an interesting flavor and very easy to eat. This dish also included olive oil mashed potatoes, which were very good, tiny carrots and green peppercorns. I would say that the veal cheeks and the lava lake lamb were the stars in the entrée round.

Lastly, for those of us who still had room, was dessert. I enjoyed a dessert cherry wine with my melted chocolate sphere, the waiter poured this delicious chocolate sauce over the sphere and it melted the top away exposing these cherry yummies inside. We also tried a lemon meringue tart, that had crumbled with pistachios and edible sparkles.

This is a great place to sample wines in a relaxed environment or to dine with friends and sample some different foods.

To make reservations call (970)477-8050, or check out the menu online here, on opentable.

7 Reasons to Take your Family to Vail This Summer

Summer activities at the Antlers at Vail hotel

Left, soaring with Zipline Adventures; center, the Antlers at Vail hotel; right, the Antlers trademark loaner bikes

1. Vail’s ideal for a ‘walkabout.’ Whether you’re into scaling fourteeners, hiking up Vail Mountain or taking an easy stroll along the banks of Gore Creek, the Vail area has an abundance of trails, parks and paths for people of all ages, abilities and walks of life (pun intended). At the Antlers at Vail hotel, the staff will happily recommend off-the-beaten-path hiking and walking tours – and with a little urging, they might even personally show you their favorite trail.

2. Do something you’ve never done before. Go on a real cattle drive. Kayak. Soar on a zipline. Vail offers dozens of unique experiences and activities, from four-wheeling to hot-air-ballooning to flyfishing and more.

3. Spread out and stay awhile. The Antlers is rated #1 on TripAdvisor in Vail specialty lodging for good reason – it’s a convenient home base for families, with bunkrooms for small families, spacious four-bedroom suites for large families, and dog-friendly rooms for pets with families. The Antlers at Vail staff is happy to organize reunions for extended families, too.

4. Embrace your inner reindeer. Guests are welcome to borrow one of the Antlers’ trademark, antlers-adorned bicycles, and cruise around town or follow the bike path along Gore Creek.

5. Want more two-wheeler thrills? Rent a mountain bike from Charter Sports, catch the gondola to the top and cruise down the winding bike path – rated one of the top mountain biking trails in Colorado.

6. Let your kids burn energy. At the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola, Adventure Ridge offers bungee jumping, a climbing wall, mini golf, horseback riding and other exciting activities for kids.

7. Listen to a symphony under the stars. Watch a ballet. Celebrate the heart of soul music. From the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival to the Bud Light Hot Summer Nights Concert Series, Vail offers a rich offering of performing arts and music festivals all summer long. And since the Antlers at Vail is the residence hotel for the New York Philharmonic, you might even hear the sounds of a world-reknowned musician practicing during the day.

Since 1972, the Antlers at Vail hotel has offered a unique Vail lodging experience in a relaxed mountain setting. The Antlers is the proud recipient of the Platinum Service Award Winner from the Vail Valley Partnership and was named the Vail Valley Green Business of the Year in 2009. With condominiums ranging from studio suites up to four bedrooms and plenty of space to spread out, each room at the Antlers offers all the comforts of home including fully-equipped kitchens, fireplaces, outdoor balconies, free Internet access and free parking. The Antlers Vail is conveniently located in Vail’s Lionshead area with numerous restaurants, galleries and shops within walking distance, and the free Vail town shuttle stops just footsteps away. For more information, call 1-800-843-8245 or visit the Antlers web site at

Hold your meeting with the Antlers at Vail and receive a special all-inclusive rate!

Breakfast Meeting:  for 8 – 12 people

–          Continental Breakfast with Orange or Cranberry Juice

–          Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate & Water Service for duration of meeting

–          Audio Visual (LCD Screen, flip charts, dry erase boards, and conference phone)

–          Wireless Internet

–          Parking

–          Gratuity & Taxes


Lunch Meeting: for 8 – 12 people

–          Lunch – Build your own Turkey and Ham Sandwiches, Mixed Field Green Salad, Chips, Ice Tea and Lemonade, and Cookies or Brownies.

–          Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate & Water Service for duration of meeting

–          Audio Visual (LCD Screen, flip charts, dry erase boards, and conference phone)

–          Wireless Internet

–          Parking

–          Gratuity & Taxes


Afternoon Meeting with Snack:  for 8 – 12 people

–          1 Sweet and 1 Salty Snack with Assorted Sodas

–          Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate & Water Service for duration of meeting

–          Audio Visual (LCD Screen, flip charts, dry erase boards, and conference phone)

–          Wireless Internet

–          Parking

–          Gratuity & Taxes


Light Dinner Meeting: for 8 – 12 people

–          Choose from 3 dinner menus

–          Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate & Water Service for duration of meeting

–          Audio Visual (LCD Screen, flip charts, dry erase boards, and conference phone)

–          Wireless Internet

–          Parking

–          Gratuity & Taxes

For More information on pricing or to book Contact Katie Nelson by calling 970-790-5217 or via email at


Complimentary use of snowshoes now at the Antlers

There is more than one way to enjoy the snow here in Vail. At the Antlers we are now offering free use of snowshoes to our guests. Take a pair of our new snowshoes out for a light Vail snowshowl on the bike path or for a vigorous walk up Vail Mountain. Want suggestions on where to go?  Here are some great options;

1. The Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series continues on Sunday, January 6th.  Register HERE! (Fun for all abilities, beginners included.)

2.  Looking for a unique Vail experience or a kid friendly activity in Vail?  Look no further than Moonlight Vail Snowshoe Tours!  Tours depart from the Discovery Center at Eagle’s Nest (top of the Eagle Bahn gondola in Lionshead) and are available on January 18, 19, 20 & 21 and February 15, 16, 17 & 18 from 7-8:30pm.  Learn astronomy and the habits of nocturnal animals while you snowshoe though the pristine silence of the moonlit mountains.  (Reservations recommended.)

3. How about a full moon snowshoe with a Vail local?  Stop by the front desk and ask our staff.  There are a lot of great ideas out there, but we think the best one is to ask us…that way you always get something personal!

4.  Looking to connect with the solitude and beauty of the mountains in a more laid back way?  Grab a set of our snowshoes and head up Vail mountain at dusk, take a leisurely stroll along the Vail Golf course starting at the Vail Nordic Center, get off the grid with a hike at Vail Pass, or take a short drive to Meadow Mountain in nearby Minturn (be sure to stop by the most historic Vail Valley restaurant/bar at The Minturn Saloon).

However you choose to enjoy this great winter activity, always be safe.  For a few helpful tips for your journey, click HERE.

Happy trails!

Impact of Marijuana Legalization on the Antlers

I got a funny call the other day.  The guy says, “I’m John Ellis and I’m with NHK Japan TV.”  I wasn’t actually positive what he had said, but undeterred I answered with my standard, “Great, what can I do for you?”

He said, “We’re here doing a story on the legalization of marijuana and would you be willing to do an interview?”  My first thought was “Why me?”  On the advice of our crack public relations team,  WordenPR, I always try to make myself available to the press.  So was this a result of that?  Or did they have more classified information about my youth, qualifying me as somewhat of an expert on this subject?  I wasn’t totally sure of myself (still not recognizing exactly who I was speaking with), but my PR instincts took over and for better or for worse, I said, “Sure, why not?”  Any press is good press, right?

“By the way, where’d you get MY name?”

“Oh, we went to the Chamber of Commerce and they said we don’t want to deal with it … call LeVine.”

Excellent … probably not the youth thing.

About twenty minutes later John shows up at the Antlers with Mami, a lovely twenty-something-year-old interpreter/interviewer and Taka, the camera guy.  They set up shop in the lobby and proceed to spend the next half hour asking me how I anticipate our business to be effected by the passage of Amendment 64.


It’s clear to me (being the quick study that I am) that they’re looking for a story and want me to say that I expect to be overrun with pot-heads rushing to Colorado to get high. Or that our regular guests will quit coming altogether because of their own personal intolerance.  Or that our staff will be so stoned that we won’t actually be able to get anything done.

Naturally, I say nothing of the sort, and tell them repeatedly what I believe to be the truth … that I don’t really foresee much, if any, impact at all.

They seemed a bit surprised when I acknowledged that we already have guests (and probably more than a few) who get high behind closed doors.  Since the new law still doesn’t allow toking in public, that won’t really change.  We certainly expect our guests to respect the “non-smoking” designation of some condos, regardless of the specifics, and we’ll continue to enforce that.   As far as employees go, our staff is very conscientious and I have every confidence that they won’t allow what they do on their personal time, to affect their work performance.  It’s no different than drinking.  Liquor’s legal, but being even a teeny but tipsy at work  is totally taboo … not to mention an immediate invitation to look for other job opportunities.

Over and over, in as many different ways as I could think of, I kept saying that legalization just wasn’t a big deal, and wouldn’t really have much effect on our business.

I suspect they were a little disappointed at the lack of a story.  Oh well … Sorry.


There was one amusing sidebar to the whole thing.  When John first introduced me to Mami, I was kidding around with her (what a surprise) and said, “I’ll be happy to do this interview, but I need some consulting help on how to increase our Japanese market.”  She played along and agreed, in her somewhat broken English.  John asked if we had much Japanese business and I said yes, some, but not nearly enough.

Just then, a Colorado Mountain Express van pulls up to the door and a young couple gets out, ready to check-in.  You guessed it … they’re Japanese.  I turned to Mami and exclaimed, “I can’t believe how FAST you work!  You’re hired!”  I think she was amused … but probably not as much as I was.  I crack myself up sometimes.

When we explained to the arriving couple that this was NHK, their reaction made me appreciate the parallel to our own PBS broadcasting system.  We’re talking Japanese national public television.  This is a big deal.  I hope I looked okay in the interview and as usual, didn’t say anything TOO dumb.

Antlers celebrates Vail Holidaze a little early!

The Antlers at Vail had their annual employee Christmas party last night. All of our employee’s and their families get together every year to celebrate the holidays.

 Santa even made a surprise visit to hand out presents to all the kids!

Even the big kids got presents!

I’m pretty sure everyone was excited and had a great time!

Happy Holidays everyone!!