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Employee spotlight: Greg Ziccardi


Every winning team needs its “utility player” … the sixth guy off the bench, the guy who can do it all.  Ours is Greg Ziccardi. Sure, he’s a key member of our maintenance department, ready and willing to take on all manners of infrastructure challenge, but he’s much more than that.   He also serves as our Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, or as Greg likes to put it, the job title with the most syllables.  Even more importantly, Greg’s the guy who can chat up a surly owner (we don’t have many, but hey … nobody bats a thousand) or calm down some other disgruntled employee (same answer). Greg highway clean

Since he lives on-site in unit 101 (it’s not even unlisted), he’s often the go-to guy for late night emergencies.  Those of us who have played that position know that it comes with a heaping helping of hair-on-fire responsibility and general under-appreciation.  Trust me, it’s as critical a single role as there is at the Antlers.  We all owe Greg a bigger thank-you than you know, just for that alone.

Best of all is Greg’s willingness to play the sparkplug.  Wanta have a picnic?  Maybe just a beer or three?  Poolside Barbeque?  Greg’s your guy.  He may show up a little late (which is odd since he’s generally the one to identify the start time) but he’ll be there, ready to party on, Garth.

Greg bbqWhen we had a softball team (GHOST for those who remember … which stood for God Help Our S#*^ty Team) Greg was the team manager, third base coach, cleanup hitter and umpire assailant … all in one.  Likewise on the Antlers bowling team, Greg’s the guy who prompts the question, “Where’s Ziccardi?” whenever things go just a bit quiet at the alley.

Greg 5

Although he may not have been the principle, one of the all time great moments in Antlers humor history would have never happened without him … him and his voice mail.

Long story short … the Antlers wouldn’t be the place it is, if it weren’t for Greg Ziccardi … Heart and Soul to the max.  Vail hotel service above and beyond. Thanks for everything, Greg.


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