Go see High Ground … Do it!

I just got back from the Vail Film Festival and the screening of Michael Brown’s film, High Ground

For starters, if it doesn’t win best of show then call 9-1-1 because there’s been a robbery (spoken from one who admittedly didn’t see any of the other films).  Seriously, this is an important and moving piece.  I have long been so proud of the Antlers relationship, and my personal friendship, with Michael.  His Serac Adventure Films (Outside Adventure Film School when they’re in Vail for the TEVA games) is a class act and way rewarding to be involved with (the Antlers sponsors and hosts them each June).   But this film, High Ground, takes that pride to a new level.  I will spare you the film review, as that’s not my forte, although I will say that the incredible story and message are equalled only by Michael’s insane photography.  Instead, I will simply urge you with all my heart to go see it.  Maybe at a film festival near you, maybe in the theatre someday, otherwise rent the DVD when that comes out in the fall.  Just do it … I PROMISE you, you’ll be glad you did (and have a box of kleenex handy for a variety of tears, but mostly good ones).

Thank you Michael, for making this film and for all you do.