Outside Adventure Film School

The Antlers at Vail is proud to welcome the Outside Adventure Film School back to the Antlers for the 5th year in a row. The Adventure Film School, sponsored by Outside Magazine and presented by Serac Adventure Films, is an intensive one-week program held June 5 – 12, 2013 teaching students how to take their film from concept to screening with expert help every step of the way. Held in Vail Colorado during the GoPro Mountain Games when professional and amateur athletes from around the world converge upon the mountains and rivers of Vail to compete in nine sports and 25 disciplines, it offers a multitude of opportunities to capture action and adventure as subject matter. At the conclusion of the games, the students with the help of some amazing film makers including school founder Michael Brown, edit their footage down to short films. The Antlers hosts a FREE film showcase where the students show off their talent and hard work with a collection of fun, funny and entertaining short films. This is a unique opportunity to get behind the scenes and up close in the world of adventure film making.  The showcase will be on Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 7:00pm in the Antlers conference room. Light snacks, sodas, beer and wine will be served. Everyone is welcome!

Here are some great videos from past Adventure Film School Students in Vail and beyond!

If you are interested in participating in the school there are still a few spots available. For more information visit www.adventurefilmschool.com.


Adventure Film School students capture Teva Games

If you are lucky enough to be out enjoying the Teva Mountain Games this weekend keep an eye out for some very focused camera men and women. Most are students with the Outside Adventure Film school, a partnership between Outside magazine,  and Serac Adventure Films. While most of us are enjoying the activities, basking in the sun, and relishing the crisp clean mountain air, they are working their butts off! Students, with the aid of some very talented instructors and experience film makers will be spending their days trying to get the best footage of the games and their participants and spending their nights editing and piecing it together to create a short adventure film. The results of their hard work will be showcased here at the Antlers on Tuesday June 5! Come by and see the fruits of their labor!

The last adventure film school students came away making an amazing documentary entitled High Ground. I strongly recommend that if you have a chance you MUST go see this movie. It is currently touring the country through film festivals and has earned (deservedly) a lot of accolades!

Go see High Ground … Do it!

I just got back from the Vail Film Festival and the screening of Michael Brown’s film, High Ground

For starters, if it doesn’t win best of show then call 9-1-1 because there’s been a robbery (spoken from one who admittedly didn’t see any of the other films).  Seriously, this is an important and moving piece.  I have long been so proud of the Antlers relationship, and my personal friendship, with Michael.  His Serac Adventure Films (Outside Adventure Film School when they’re in Vail for the TEVA games) is a class act and way rewarding to be involved with (the Antlers sponsors and hosts them each June).   But this film, High Ground, takes that pride to a new level.  I will spare you the film review, as that’s not my forte, although I will say that the incredible story and message are equalled only by Michael’s insane photography.  Instead, I will simply urge you with all my heart to go see it.  Maybe at a film festival near you, maybe in the theatre someday, otherwise rent the DVD when that comes out in the fall.  Just do it … I PROMISE you, you’ll be glad you did (and have a box of kleenex handy for a variety of tears, but mostly good ones).

Thank you Michael, for making this film and for all you do.