Piney Lake Hiking

Looking for a good short hike without getting too far from civilization? Try heading up to Piney River Ranch and checking out the trails up there. To reach Piney River Ranch from North Frontage Road in Vail, you take Red Sandstone Road to Piney lake road (or county road no.700)travel 11 miles up a gravel road (takes about 40 minutes). The ranch itself is worth a visit as (depending on the season) there are a plethora of activities offered. I highly recommend checking out the ranch’s website to see what activities are being offered before heading up there as they change frequently. On the north side of the lake theres a sign showing the Piney River trail (go right) and the Meadow Creek and Soda Lakes trails (go left!). Both offer very scenic mellow hikes. The falls are very secluded and beautiful and are a very popular photo op location. Below is an interactive google map showing the location of the trail respective to Antlers. The lines are the road up to Piney River Ranch, the Soda Lakes trail, and the Piney River trail.

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Vail snowmobile conditions Dec 30

It has been snowing quite a bit today!   Instead of skiing some of us went snowmobiling up by Piney Lake.  Check out Piney River Adventures if you need a snowmobile tour.  They pick you up right at the Antlers Vail Hotel and zip you quickly up to their staging area on Red Sandstone Road.  They have 2, 3, 4 hour tours and who knows what else.   You can get your own snowmobile or have two people riding just one.  I recommend that you get your own and also purchase the insurance for when you crash it.   Chris R.

123009 RW4

Mariella is a little stuck with her snowmobile.