Vail ski conditions February 1

Vail ski conditions February 1st:  Vail ski area reported 3 inches of new snow today.  It was sort of a surprise as down here at the base there was just a dusting of snow.  When this happens we figure there is only 3 inches up at the very top.  Well….  even at the base of the Avanti lift there was 3 inches and at the top there was 4-5 inches in places.  It was a very dry snow so it won’t last very long, but for at least the next two days things have softened up for us.  This was our chance today to get into the Back Bowls again and to get over to Blue Sky Basin.

Vail skiing conditions

Walter from Florida, Herbert and Krizsta Kafka from Vienna and Sarah from Italy, skiing Northwoods 

China Bowl

Skiing down West Poppy Fields heading for Blue Sky Basin

Vail powder

It was actually a bit cold out there today.  But warm weather is coming this Tuesday – Thursday

Vail ski conditions January 22 and 23 and 24 and the 25th

Update: January 25, 10 more inches of snow reported at 6am.  They say we’ve received 30 inches of snow over the last 7 days.  Check out the Vail Cam for a look.

Update:  January 24, 9 more inches of snow reported at 6am.  It has been snowing hard all morning.  Finally some serious powder !

Update:  January 23, 4 more inches of snow reported, snowing pretty good outside.

January 22, Vail ski conditions are certainly getting freshened up this week .  We had 5 inches a few days ago and then a few inches each of the last couple of days.  We are still looking and hoping for that big dump this weekend and we’ll certainly keep you up to speed.   Here are some pictures from Wednesday when they reported 5 inches.  It was 5 inches up on the upper 1/2 of the mountain but more like 2-3 inches from Chair 2 on down.  Here we are on Northwoods.  It was lightly snowing Friday mid-day when this was posted.

Chris R.

Antlers vail snow

Chair 2

Top of Chair 2 on Wednesday.  The Groomers were GOOD

January 11th groomers, Vail ski conditions

Lots of sunshine today.  I went out early as I had to start work mid-day.  The Vail groomers were nice and soft early morning.  We did a number of runs in the Northwoods area.  Highs are expected in the upper 30s today with more snow expected Wed or Thursday.  Everything is open.  If you are looking for some Vail lodging for this upcoming Martin Luther King weekend, we don’t have but a handful of rooms left, so let us know soon.  Chris R.

Vail groomersSome Vail groomers in the early morning

Gore RangeFrom the top of the mountain looking towards Gore Range

Antlers at vail skiingEarly morning sun and no one around

102107 004And last but not least, Stella the bull dog in the snow from a little while back.
We are a Pet friendly Vail hotel, but as only 20% of our rooms accept pets, please let us know in advance when you make your reservations.

Vail skiing is great, another 2 inches of snow

Vail skiing is great at the moment with another 2 inches of snow today in Vail Colorado, January 6th.  Everything is open and the slopes are pretty empty.  Many people ask “is the town pretty quiet right now?”  It is but, the Antlers at Vail condos are pretty darn full even through the week.  Go figure.  The clouds rolled in to the Vail Valley pretty early in the day so the light isn’t the best out now.  A few snow showers for 3o minutes at a time, hoping for more.

Vail Snow conditions

Vail Colorado

This picture was from Sunday January 4th, hope you were here

Vail snow report and ski conditions January 3

Wow, now we are talking.  Vail reported 8 inches of new snow and off and on snow throughout the day.  The Back Bowls were in incredible condition.  Super soft snow and most of the mountain now open.  I had my first taste of Blue Sky Basin this season just this afternoon….. “excellent”.

Blue Sky.jpg

Blue Sky Basin with the Back Bowls in the Background

Blue Sky Basin.jpg

Riding up

Vail Antlers at Vail.jpg

From The Blue Sky Chairlift

Vail ski conditions Dec 29

Still catching up on some posts regarding the snow.  Not too much to report but that we are still picking up an inch or two every couple of days.  They sure have the Golden Peak Terrain Park up and running.  Kids are hucking off jumps left and right.  Chris R.

Vail Terrain park

Vail ski conditions Dec 27

Well, the Back Bowls are OPEN !  Chair 5 has been open for two days now and conditions are excellent.  Vail’s ski conditions are really the best they have been all season.  The snow that we received these past 6 days has really helped out.  Plus, it is staying cold. Not sure how long it will last as there are plenty of people on the mountain.  The coverage on the back side is better than on front.  I think mainly because the Back Bowls just haven’t been skied on very much at this point.  Rumors are that they’ll open China Bowl tomorrow.   Chris R.

Milt's Face
Halfway down Milt’s face and the snow is great.

Game Creek
You know what?  I’m always curious if anyone reads these silly posts….  So post a “comment” below or send an e-mail and if you can name this run straight across on this picture, I’ll put a complimentary bottle of wine in your room the next time you are in town.  Use our Vail ski area maps if you need to.  (the first three to name it, win.  And NO, you can’t win a bottle if you work at the front desk)     Chris Ratzlaff

Vail snow and ski report December 24

In the last two days we’ve received 6 inches of snow.  3 new inches new each day.  But Beaver Creek was the winner with 7 inches reported just this morning.  The new snow softened everything up and really improved conditions.  But it is really cold out there right now.  The High temps are in the single digits up on the mountain.  They are predicting a bit of snow on Christmas day and evening.  We saw them running Chair 5 in the Back Bowls.  Does this mean the plan on opening some runs back there?  The Antlers still has a couple of Vail condos for this weekend.  Perhaps a 1 Bedroom and a 2 Bedroom.  That’s it.  Give us a call.  Chris R.

Vail skiing

Skiing near Game Creek Bowl in a warm puffy jacket

vail weather

Zero degrees at the base of Chair 4 at 3:30pm

Vail ski conditions December 20th

Not much to report and even fewer pictures (oops, I deleted my photos).  But Two Elk Lodge is now open and I have an exciting picture of that !  I had other pics of the back bowls but they were deleted, they are lost.  Believe it or not, Chair 14 was the place to be today and other Antlers guests confirmed this.  Chair 14 is that short and quick chair that goes up to the Two Elk restaurant.  No one was there and the runs were all groomed to perfection.  We are still holding out for more snow.  They say Tuesday/Wednesday and they better be right.  Rumors abound that they might open small portions of the Back Bowls but I still think they are holding out for more snow.  If you are looking for some Vail lodging for New Year’s weekend we still have a couple of 2 Bedroom condos starting on December 30th  (3 night minimum)  Chris R.Two Elk Restaurant

Vail ski report and ski conditions December 18

Boy, it looks like it wants to snow but it just teases us.  Another inch today with some good flakes falling early in the morning, but then the sun came out later in the day.  Every little bit helps to keep things soft.  Rumors that they might try to open Blue Sky Basin with access via Sleepy Time Cat-walks.  We’ll see.  Today I did a few runs with Marty Kovens out of Florida.  He has been staying at the Antlers at Vail forever.  This guy skis fast!  I’m glad he didn’t mind waiting……   Chris R.

Jeff Jacobs

Vail ski conditions
Marty wouldn’t allow me to get a picture of him, so I filled in (Chris R.)

Vail snow December
Heading down Simba for the end of the day makes for some good carving.