Will this snow in Vail Colorado ever end?

This April has just been amazing for snow at the Antlers at Vail hotel in Vail Colorado.  Someone said we received 8 feet of fresh snow this past month and I believe them.  This Wed-Sat we received anywhere from 18-24 inches of additional snow.  Some pics nearVail mountain below were taken on Friday, others today on Sunday May 2nd.  You can easily ski all the way to the bottom of the Vail ski mountain at this time.  Up on top, the Forest Service snow depth shows 64 inches of base (or 5 feet of settled snow).  Not too bad for May 2nd.  Chris R.

April 30th, outside the Antlers at Vail hotel

Snow chair

Walking along the Vail Bike path April 30th

Sunday May 2nd photo towards the ski slopes

April 7th, 19 inches of new snow in Vail

April 7th, 19 inches of new snow in Vail today.  That makes 32 inches in the last two days.  I don’t know about you but I think I’m going skiing today.  More updates once we get out there.  Chris R.

Picture from April 6th provided by the ski mountain.

April 4th, 2 more inches of new snow in Vail

Oh boy, it looks like April might be our best month for snow in the 2009-2010 ski season.  Vail mountain reported another 2 inches of new snow at 6am.  Light snow all morning so far and more on the way perhaps on Tuesday.  Hope to get you pictures late this afternoon. 

Afternoon update:  it warmed up, so the snow at the bottom was turning to corn.  Most of the powder in the Back Bowls turned to mashed potatoes.  Bumps were soft.  Below are some pictures mostly from the Front Side of Vail Mountain.  Chris R.

Riding Chair 3

Riding Chair 4

Look Ma and South Look Ma bumps

Photo of snowy tree, snow clouds in the distance.  Not bad for April 4th

More snowy trees.  I’ll title this photo “Snow on Trees” and sell it for lots and lots.

Happy, happy, happy

Vail snow and ski conditions February 12th

No pictures today, but we received a surprise this Friday morning with 3 inches of new snow in Vail.  This is on top of the 2 inches from yesterday.  Down in town it was a bit less, but this snow will freshen the slopes up just in time for the busy President’s weekend holiday.  See you out there !

Vail snow and ski conditions February 8

Some of us locals can get pretty lazy mid-season and we can go a week without skiing.  Yeah, I know………  But it was good to get out there again.  Still no super huge dumps, but every three days or so we get another 3 inches or something.  Just enough to keep things soft and keep the skiing good.  The sun came out today and we had a trace of new snow.  Multiple runs in China Bowl.  If you stuck to the west facing slopes in China, the powder was still pretty soft.  Some misc. pictures using the camera phone below.  They groomed Headwall and Emperor’s choice in the back, which is where we spent most of the day.   I went skiing with Marilyn Levey from New York.  She took one of those Her Turn workshops through Vail this past weekend and raved about how great it was.  Check it out the link for more information.   Until next time…  Chris R.

Chair 17

Riding up Chair 17 after doing headwall


Buffalo’s, the best place to meet up with people and adjust your ski boots


I thought I had more pictures, sorry………

Midweek Visit to Vail Mountain

Since I had been feeling better  I took to the slopes February 2nd Tuesday morning. Wow, was I reminded of how great it is to be on Vail Mountain when there are no crowds! The Gondola, Game Creek, Chair 5, Chair 11 and Chair 4; no lines! It was heaven for those who have only hours before they have to work. My runs were in the glistening sun and as though I was all alone; it was one of my favorite days on the mountain. I hope your upcoming days here in Vail mirror my Tuesday morning and if you haven’t booked your accommodations here at the Antlers at Vail, well we’re here waiting 🙂

Going up Game Creek Express

Going up Game Creek Express

Taking in the sights on Lion's Way

Taking in the sights on Lion's Way

Happy, happy, happy

Happy, happy, happy

~ Aisha