Annapurna, the Antlers Puma

Our friend and fellow Vail Symposium board member, Jay Huffard, recently sold his house in Minturn.  Perched outside was a bronze mountain lion originally sculpted by Edith Huffard, Jay’s mother! Rather than leave the sculpture there, Jay would like to sell it and donate the proceeds 50/50 to the Symposium and the Minturn Community Fund.  You gotta love that!

Annapurna 1

Since it wasn’t going to get much attention in a remote neighborhood of Minturn, the Antlers agreed to host this puma on our property, overlooking Gore Creek and the bike bath.  We named her Annapurna, after the mountain in Nepal.

Annapurna 2

While she may only be ours temporarily, we’re secretly hoping that someone will make a $6,000 donation and leave her here permanently … or at least indefinitely.  Either way, Anna is one of a limited edition of ten, and others have sold for more than $12,000.

We’re also wondering if she’ll keep away the deer and other wildlife that seem to frequent our back yard.

moose by pool 0514 e

More than Vail Vacation Rentals

The Antlers is excited to host an important event on May 23rd entitled Community Conversations.   There have been three instances of similar community conversations over the past year.

The first was at the Elevate Conference last September, when the organizers put on a Mayors Panel with five past Vail mayors.  The intent was the same as that of the entire three day conference … to broadly explore what makes places like Vail, special.

The second was when the Vail Symposium hosted the program pictured here at the Grand View room in March, with Elaine Kelton, Terry Minger and Merv Lapin reminiscing about Vail’s early days.

Fov 0313 a













Fov 0313 c


The focus was one of “lessons learned” and their potential meaning for our collective future.

In April, the annual Town of Vail meeting at Donovan Pavilion included another Mayors Panel (slightly different participants) which also explored what our history tells us about the future.

All three of those community discussions included good audience participation.  They were well attended and seemed to imply a thirst for more.  The Vail Symposium’s roots, in the early 1970’s, was based on similar community introspection. It’s only fitting to continue that conversation today.

Some of the recurring themes that arose from those three recent dialogues will provide the focus of these upcoming Vail Symposium Community Conversations.  The first is, Progress at what Price?  The topic for each of the following Conversations will be chosen by the audience de jour.

The Antlers enjoys being more than just another Vail vacation rental operation.  We see ourselves as an integral part of the greater Vail community and it’s with enormous pride that we host and sponsor events like this one coming up.

Please join us on Thursday the 23rd at 5:30 at the Antlers.  $10 recommended donation, but it’s not required.  We would NOT want that to keep anyone away.

Adventures in Vail

Last week The Antlers had the pleasure of accommodating David and Kirsty Thoreson for a few days.  As the Official Hotel of the Vail Symposium, we’ve had the honor of hosting a myriad of incredible speakers, but none more fascinating than David.  In addition to being a great photographer and sailor, David puts the “A” in Adventure.  He also happens to be one of the best story tellers I’ve ever heard.  Whether it’s for sheer excitement, or an insightful firsthand analysis of climate change, I recommend spending some time on his blog, and if you have a chance to see him in person, do NOT miss it!

Living At Your Peak

The Antlers has long enjoyed being the Official Hotel of the Vail Symposium.  In addition to participating on the Board of Directors, we get the pleasure of hosting many of the incredible speakers that the Symposium brings in every year.  From Christo, the famous landscape artist, to three of the former Governors of Colorado reminiscing on the stage together (Lamb, Romer and Ritter), the annual lineup of forty-plus programs is always incredible.

We’re proud to be associated with such a first-class operation, and especially one that is a long-standing Vail tradition (41 years and counting).

This fall, September 13 – 15, the Symposium is presenting one of the biggest, baddest programs in their history … in Vail’s history, for that matter.  Living At Your Peak will be an amazing collection of  leading experts in the fields of health, fitness and longevity.  In addition to over TWENTY different speakers (!), participants will enjoy actually participating with those presenters in a myriad of ways.  It might be a  hike with Ellen Miller (the only woman to summit Mount Everest from both sides in one year) or a group meditation with cutting-edge research scientist Cliff Saron (who will offer scientific proof that meditation can actually alter your DNA, leading to a longer life).  Healthy meals prepared (and shared) with leading chefs and nutritionists will turn meals into part of the program itself … great learning experiences all.

Small intimate groups, regardless of the topic, are planned to afford the kind of interaction that will make this three day event unlike any other conference on health and wellness.  A significant keynote speaker (yet to be named) is also expected to kick off the whole event to a larger audience.

We at the Antlers sure hope that our past guests and friends (as well as new ones) will consider joining us for what we think could be a life changing experience.

Come meet Christo in person!

The Vail Symposium (for which the Antlers is the OFFICIAL HOTEL), is hosting a presentation by Christo on July 19.  Tickets to the presentation sold out in a matter of days, HOWEVER … there are still tickets available to a private reception with the man himself!  Those tickets also include the otherwise sold out lecturem, “Chirsto Live in Vail”.

Even better … tickets are $250, but if you’re one of the next ten people to buy a ticket to the reception, the Antlers at Vail will throw in a FREE one-bedroom condominium for the night of the 19th.  Call me directly (970-790-5200).  Rob

Vail’s Newest, Hottest Song

My golfing buddy Allan Finney who plays the drums (among other things) with our friend and jazz great Tony Gulizia, sent me this new tune yesterday about local legend Lindsey Vonn.  Allan’s wife, Nancy Gage, wrote the lyrics. It’s gonna be HUGE, but you heard it here first!

Alan Finney

This is the same little ditty with Allan on the vocals instead of Tony (it takes a few seconds to load).

Here are the boys with Kathy Morrow in December on local channel  TV8.

Tony, Alan & Kathy on TV8
Tony, Kathy and Alan on TV8

Kathy played last year at the Learning Palooza of the Vail Symposium (for which the Antlers is the Official Hotel).  Each of these great musicians play all over town … together and separately.  You should come check them out.