Antlers unit 420


Antlers at Vail unit 420 is a 4 Bedroom/4 Bath condominium over in the “newer” section. It is all on one level and is 2200 square feet. It has a Full kitchen, two private balconies, gas grill, 2 gas fireplaces, washer/dryer, TV/DVD/Stereo, hair dryers, humidifiers, iron and ironing board, free DSL internet and daily housekeeping. Views are to the East.  The balconies are quite large.  This is a popular unit for large families and has even been used for small meetings, bridal showers, etc.  It is non-smoking.

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Important Notice…If you are using these pictures to make a reservation decision, please note:
We do not guarantee specific room assignments. There are a myriad of surprises that can force us to change room assignments. If you ask for this certain condo and we confirm that request, the odds are very good (95%), but NOT 100%. We DO guarantee that you’ll be in a comparable or better room of equal or larger sizes. As much as we want your business, if your entire decision to book a reservation is based on these pictures and being absolutely assured this specific condominium, we regretfully can’t do it. But if you’re comfortable with a 95% chance that this will be your condominium, and trust us to “make things right” if it isn’t… then book with us…you’ll be glad you did.

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