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Unique Artistic Additions at the Antlers at Vail

It’s official – the Antlers at Vail has a beautiful, spacious new lobby and a speedy new elevator that accesses all floors of the hotel. Local interior design firm Casey St. John has crafted bespoke interiors for the new space. Large windows pour natural light into the new lobby and elevator foyer. General Manager, Magdalena King, wanted to tie together these new spaces with art that would not only adorn the lobby, but would be unique to the Antlers. She wanted this art to enhance our guests’ and homeowners’ feeling of being in the mountains. She sought to commission two very talented artists to help her achieve this goal. Enter artists Cindee Lundin and Bonnie Wakeman who have fulfilled this vision and created one-of-a-kind pieces for the Antlers at Vail. 

Cindee Lundin, Faux Bois Artist

I had the opportunity to talk with Cindee Lundin a few weeks back, and had the pleasure of asking her questions about her as an artist and the pieces she has created for the Antlers at Vail. Cindee was an educator, and also painted murals in people’s homes. She has always had a knack for painting and enjoys it immensely. While studying to continue her career as an educator, one of her clients encouraged her to study art and painting instead. 

On the way to Artistry 

Cindee felt compelled to study art and wanted to pursue her passion. She changed fields of study, and began studying art fundamentals and art history. Cindee has now been creating art for her clients for 25 years. Cindee is intrigued by concrete faux bois art. Concrete faux bois is the artistic rendition of creating the appearance of wood grain using cement, stones, and gems. Faux bois art is now recognizable by many. Martha Stewart even began featuring her own faux bois collection a few years ago. Cindee is proud to create faux bois pieces and enjoys being part of this artistic movement.

Custom Faux Boix Panels for the Antlers at Vail

The collection she has created for the Antlers at Vail is all original and unique to the hotel. There are 73 pieces in all. From Cindee’s Artist Statement; Images of mountains are carved into concrete, trees are represented in the faux bois panels, the minerals and the riches of the mountain are symbolized with natural stone elements, semi-precious gemstones and crystals. The movement of the mountain streams are also represented throughout the compositions. The connection between us and nature is strong here. Cindee will be in residence with us in the spring of 2020 when she will install her faux bois panels.  

Bonnie Wakeman, Sculpted Relief Artist

A sculpted and painted scene of a majestic elk in front of the Gore Range is one of the first decorative elements you will notice upon entering the Antlers lobby. Bonnie Wakeman recently completed this sculpted relief when she was in residence at Antlers last month. Bonnie was gracious enough to take some time away from creating the sculpted relief to speak with me about the piece she has created and her journey as an artist.

From Illustrator to Sculptor

Bonnie’s background is in illustration and design. She moved to the mountains in the early nineties. Bonnie began painting murals in her clients’ homes in Keystone, Breckenridge, and Vail. In 1995 her and her husband took a trip to Italy where she noticed sculpted relief everywhere. She wanted to bring this back to the US and so began crafting a plaster medium which can be sculpted wet and dry. Everything she has worked on in her life has come together in this art form. The pieces she creates involve mountain scenes and aspen groves, African safaris and lions, as well as any other scene her clients bring inspiration and passion to. She enjoys bringing the beauty of nature indoors through sculpted relief. Every blank wall she sees now looks to her a fresh canvas. 

A Sculpted Relief that just suits the Antlers

The incorporation of antlers through a bull elk and the Gore Range in the background is one of the elements of this piece that she loves most. The aspens give the impression of being in a grove as the limbs even wrap around the adjacent walls. She has enjoyed partnering with the Antlers at Vail to create a piece that was exciting for her to design, sculpt, and paint.

We are delighted to share these talented artists’ work with our guests and homeowners. 

Are you interested in commissioning art similar to what you have experienced at the Antlers at Vail for your own home or business? Please visit Cindee Lundin’s website Sticks and Stones Decor and Bonnie Wakeman’s website Transforming Walls to contact the artists directly.

Click or tap on a thumbnail below to view Cindee’s and Bonnie’s art at the Antlers at Vail. 

Vail’s Finest … Love to see ’em … Anywhere else.

One of my least favorite moments in time (okay … absolutely most hated), is when the fire alarm goes off in the hotel.  The piercing blast of the horns, rudely shaking me from whatever I’m doing, coincides with an intense and immediate sick feeling in my stomach.   My thoughts are equal part, “I hope everyone and everything is okay” and, “I wonder how inconvenienced (and probably mad) all of our guests are going to be, thanks to this obnoxious intrusion.”

I just hate it.

(Incidentally, whenever I’m in some other establishment and the sirens start to blare, my first thought is enormous sympathy for that manager, that poor bastard, whoever he or she is.)

Almost as upsetting as the alarm, and only because the audible invasion is missing, is when I come around the corner on my way to work and see the fire truck, lights flashing, sitting in front of the Antlers.  Same thoughts exactly … “Oh Damn!  Please let everything be okay”, and “How mad are they all going to be?”

Today was one of those days.

Vail fire truck

Happily, when I pulled over and spoke to Sean, one of Vail’s finest, he uttered those two words I was dying to hear …”Burnt toast”.  It happened to be in 317.  Additionally, the fact that it happened at 9AM and not 2AM goes a LONG way toward alleviating the “upset guests” part of my concern.  Hallelujah.

Next problem please.


Antlers at Vail Hires Liana Moore as Director of Marketing

Antlers at Vail new Director of Marketing

The Antlers welcomes new Director of Marketing Liana Moore

You’ve already heard from our new Director of Marketing Liana Moore here on the blog, expounding on the joys of Vail pond skimming, but we thought we’d share the official news release about this exciting new addition to our Antlers team as well…

Vail, Colorado – April 10, 2013 – The Antlers at Vail has named Liana Moore as director of marketing, announced Antlers General Manager Rob LeVine.  In the position, Moore will oversee all aspects of marketing for the popular condo hotel in Vail’s Lionshead. “I’ve already had the pleasure of working with the Antlers in a different capacity for several years,” says Moore, who previously served with two local nonprofits – Bravo! Vail Music Festival and the Vail Symposium – for which the Antlers is official condo hotel. “I’m excited to get to don my marketing hat as a part of the Antlers team.”

“Liana brings an in-depth understanding of the Vail Valley to the Antlers,” says LeVine, “and her marketing experience includes everything from marketing research to public relations. We look forward to having her on our team and assisting us with the big picture as we continue to grow.”

In 1996, Moore began her work as a freelancer for Dallas public relations firms then moved to a financial company where she worked in marketing research. After earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University, Moore launched her own business in the travel industry. She moved to the Vail Valley in 2000 where she served as director of marketing and public relations for Bravo! Vail Music Festival before founding Kaleidos Marketing to provide marketing strategy and campaigns, public relations plans and social media campaigns for clients. She was elected to the Vail Symposium Board of Directors in 2007, becoming executive director in 2010. She resides in Eagle/Vail, Colorado with her husband and two children.

Since 1972, the Antlers at Vail hotel has offered a unique Vail lodging experience in a relaxed mountain setting. With condominiums ranging from studio suites to four bedrooms, the Antlers provides fully-equipped kitchens, fireplaces, outdoor balconies, free Internet and free parking, and is conveniently located in Vail’s Lionshead area, steps from restaurants, galleries, shops, the free Vail town shuttle and Vail’s Gondola. For more information, call 1-800-843-8245 or visit

“As the Antlers Turn”………22

It was a Cinderella Story.  This young lady from Toronto, Ontario, Canada hardly burst upon the scene.  She  just flew in under the radar and now is almost a household name (at least at the Antlers…for one day…in the lobby).

Her name is Stella Dasko.  She has only been playing the game of Golf for 8 years and that said, not with a lot of consistency or cemented scheduling.  “John and I love the game and we don’t take ourselves too seriously” is what she would say about herself and her husband of 33 years.  They have been Antlers owners since 1985 and visit as often as they can.  Last week they made another memory.

She stood on the majestic 15th tee box at Vail Muny Golf Course and readied her 7 iron on the 115 yard, downhill, par 3.  It was one of those picture perfect days in our picture perfect valley.  John, who was standing  on the back tee box with Ken from Pennsylvania and Pat from Boulder (witnesses) said “I think I’ll take a picture.”   He caught Stella aligning her shot and thinking to herself “just be the ball.  Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.”  None of them had ever seen what they were about to witness.

John was on the tee box above. Stella was stoic and full of concentration.

She was ready.  The perfect back swing.  Hips forward on the down swing.  Arms straight and square with her shoulders at impact.  Follow through and RELEASE!  The Titleist is air born and the ball flight is on a perfect trajectory to the flag, or is it?

How did you feel after you hit it?  “I wasn’t sure it was going to get over the Gore Creek and it wouldn’t be the first time I got a ball wet on this hole.”

The pin was forward this particular day and there wasn’t a lot of room between the creek and the flag.  In other words, no room for error.  The little white orb was back dropped by the Colorado blue sky as it traveled for what seemed like minutes.  The distance needed to stay dry was still a question mark.  One of the guys watching the ball flight on the back tee muttered to himself, “get there.”

John shouted down to Stella, who was still holding her finish (much like the famous photo of  Ben Hogan on the last hole of the his last U S Open victory) “Looks good Stella.  That’s all over it.”  (An understatement.)

The little white ball hits the green just in front of the flag stick.  It bounces once than twice, and rolls to the edge of the cup…..and falls in the hole.

BINGO!  The crowd went crazy.  “It’s in the hole.  Holy smokes.  It’s in the hole.  It’s in the hole” could be heard all around the golf course and the nearby bike path.

Congratulations Stella for an accomplishment that many of us hacks wait an entire lifetime for.  I know I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting…..

Pluck the ball, place the flag and move on.


(Note:  Although I wasn’t there that day to be witness, I was fortunate to play with the happy couple on Friday.  Stella is solid and grounded.  We were all approaching the green on the par 5, eighth hole.  I was in the trap on the right, John was in the trap on the left and Stella was walking around aimlessly looking for her ball.  She was on the back side of the green looking in the rough.  “It was a good shot” she said.  “I thought it was on the green.”  We all started looking.  Stella said “maybe it didn’t make the green.  I’ll check the front.”  She walked by the flag stick and said “never mind. I found it.  It’s in the hole.”  No kidding.


“As the Antlers Turn…….” 21

The Case of the Missing Cruiser  or Who’s the Dumbest Criminal in Vail?

The Antlers is always trying to enhance the guest experience, so without even a second thought, we purchased two, brand spanking new, cruiser bikes from Performance Sports two months ago.  The idea being, if you want to get around town in a Cadillac Cruiser, of course we would “be more than happy to let you hop on and go. Just return them where you found them is all we ask.”  The rules seem simple enough don’t they?  Until one of the Manhattan Deluxe Flyers with 6 speed transmission, cushioned leather seat, and an optional woven basket for carrying goodies, goes missing!

The e-mails were sent out asking for an explanation.  Then we started asking for clues.  The Cruiser was gone for two weeks and the situation evolved from “misplaced bicycle” to “stolen property”.


The poor guy was parked in its place all alone. He missed his friend.









There was no response to our pleas and the case was close to being categorized as “unsolved”.  Until I went to Ace Hardware and saw what I had a hard time believing.

The missing Cruiser was parked in a bike rack in front of the store. I thought to myself “Somebody steals a bike and parks it where everyone looking for it can see it.  This perpetrator is really stupid.”

What was this thief thinking? Did he want to be caught?

I leave the scene and go back to the Antlers where I tell Rob “I just found the bike.  I guess I’ll call the police and let them know where it is.”

Rob says something like ” Hurry up in case the thing disappears again”.

Molly, who is working the front desk says “Greg, you’re busy.  I’ll call the police.”

“No problem Molly.  I’ll take care of it” was my response to her (and I wondered why she was trying to be so helpful).

Officer Rich Sardelli of the Vail Police Department, wanted only a few details like make and model, color, serial numbers and any distinguishing marks (like an option basket for goodies).

I told him that I would have to call him back because some of the information was upstairs.  “I’ll be on duty until 3 AM” he told me.

I proceed to the front office and acting a little impatient, I say to Molly “officer Sardelli wants information that I’m not sure where to find it.  I wonder if Rob has serial #’s for those bikes.”

Molly follows me back to the file room and says “Greg….I…I have…I have a ….a confession to make and please don’t be mad.”

I wanted to wipe a tear from her eye, but she wasn’t crying.  “What is it Molly?”

She looked down at the floor and shuffled her right foot back and forth and said “I’m the one who took the bike and parked it there.  I kept forgetting about it, but I promise to bring it back tonight.  Please don’t tell Rob.”

I could not control my laughter and said “I’m not going to tell Rob.  I’m going to tell the world wide web and don’t worry, Rob doesn’t read the Internet.  He’ll never know.”

I called officer Sardelli back and told him of the “closed case”.

Before we hung up he said “You want me to come over there and arrest her?  I’d be happy to.”

I thought only for a second.  “Ohhhh, that would be fun.”        Greg

Together again

“As the Antlers Turn”………20

Here is a story of a beautiful couple.  Bound and determined to have fun.

It was Friday night at 11:30 when I received the call.  She had dialed the Antlers version of 911 and that ring comes right to my cell phone.  With a bit of urgency in her voice I heard  “My husband is locked out on the balcony”

That said, my first thought was….”Ohhh mannnn……..”

She told me what unit to report to and I said “It will be a few minutes, but I’ll be there as quickly as I can”.

“Please hurry.  He’s in his underwear and the thermometer says 15 degrees”.  I picked up the pace and when I got to the front door she was standing outside waiting for me.

“My key doesn’t work” she says.  I tried mine.

“That’s interesting, my key doesn’t work either and it’s because the dead bolt is on”.

I had to ask “Who locked the deadbolt?”

“I did” she said.

“But you’re out here with me” I said.

“Well then he must have” she said.

At this point I surmise that alcohol could be a factor.  I looked away from her so as not to be caught laughing and sending the wrong message. After a few seconds of gibberish I looked up and said, “I need to go back to the office, open up the safe and get the deadbolt over-ride key. You stand right here and promise not to move.  You OK with that?

She looked back at me and said “Could you get my husband a blanket?  I’m sure he’s freezing his little tush off, and hurry because I need to tinkle”.

When I return to the staging area with keys and a blanket, low and behold, he is standing there with his wife.  “Are you the fella that’s locked out on the balcony?”

“Not any more.  Now I’m just locked out of our condo and I could use that blanket because I am still in my underwear.”  Then he laughed.

My new friend had taken it upon himself to rescue everyone trapped on a balcony that night.  He jumped the gate into the snow on the other side.  Climbed down the rock wall that separated the garden and the bike path and nonchalantly walked around the building in his bare feet.  “What an adventure and this is only our second day here”  he said to me.

Of course now it’s time for “Murphy’s Law“.  I try the dead bolt over ride key and it just spins in a circle.  She looks at me with a quizzical kind of look and says ‘Maybe it’s the wrong key?” and then she laughed.

I say “It’s the right key, I think the lock assembly is bad. We’re going to have to climb through a window or use the balcony door to get in.”

“Well we know the balcony door isn’t an option” he said, and the couple started laughing hysterical.  All I’m thinking is this patient lady has not mentioned another word about using the bathroom.  For that, I felt a sense of relief.  They really were having a good time with the string of events and my only concern was climbing through the kitchen window.

It opened but I have another self revelation that I’m to old, fat and ugly to get to the other side.

I need a short, athletic person to jump six inches up and through.  Thank God Amy was at the front desk!  She did a “Circus O’Lea Thing”, right up and in.  Emergency over.

Our fun loving, happy guests welcome themselves back to their warm condominium…..turn back to us….and with obvious appreciation………say…….”You guys want a glass of wine?”


“As the Antlers Turn”………19

From the Lost and Found Department.

In our travels, we have all had this conversation in one form or another …

Whether you’re alone or with your spouse or with the entire family, it’s time to check out of your hotel room (or in this case, one of our well appointed condominiums).

Mom looks at Dad, or any of the kids, and says “Do we have everything?  Did you check the dresser drawers?”

Dad replies “Yes we do and I did (?) check the drawers but I will check them again.  OK, let’s get out of here if we’re going to catch that flight back to Cleveland.”

The housekeepers arrive shortly after the room is empty and ready it for the next group of weary travelers.

In spite of the thorough efforts to pack all of  your personal items, these are some of the things the housekeepers will turn into the front desk after that family, or anyone for that matter, departs.  A favorite pillow, a cell phone, a teddy bear, a book, sunglasses, shoes, medication, business documents, a wallet or an entire suitcase.

Housekeeping doesn’t always find everything though……

Tom was working in unit 208 on a remodel project this summer and found a piece of jewelry.  The fireplace was being torn out and under the old gas line was a ring.  A class ring from Exeter High School in New Hampshire.  The date was “Class of 1963”, the initials were “DB”.

It's been under a pipe for quit a while. But how long?


Tom took the time to search the web and found that Exeter H.S. is still in business and has been graduating students since the 1800’s. He called and gave the information to the Alumni Director, Sandy Parks, and it was all she needed. The ring belonged to David Blaisdell and she would take it from there.  Tom promised to forward the item.

We in turn wondered when did he visit the Antlers?  We could only speculate that it was between 1972 and 1995.  (That is quite the window).

I recently talked to Sandy Parks after the piece of jewelry was in her possession and she told me she was trying to get information on Mr. Blaisdell.  This is the next correspondence I received:

Hello Mr. Ziccardi,

 My name is Sheila Blaisdell Oliver. I just wanted to email to say THANK YOU!  To know that so many people went through so much trouble to find us, is very heartwarming. The ring could have been kept as a find but instead a chain of people have made sure that it was returned to family. This is not something that is seen very often any longer. Please thank every person involved in the recovery of this ring for us.

 I am not sure if Mrs. Parks has told you yet but my father passed away in June of 2008 and my mother passed away five months later. I wish I knew how the ring came to your facility but it would all be a guess. We moved from N.H.  to New Mexico in 1984 and stayed for eight years. My father worked with Raytheon Missile Systems and traveled quite extensively.

 Mrs. Parks said that you would like to have an article written up in regards to this. I would love to do this for you. I cannot tell you when my father was ever in that area but I can give you a brief history of him, his family and what this all means to us. If you would give me time I would love to do this. I will also send you some pictures of the ring (as soon as it arrives) and our family, my father etc.

 I am the oldest……hurts to say that! I have three younger brothers. One who has a son named after my father. The ring will go to him unless everybody has another vision for it.

 Again, thank you from all of us. Our parents died far too early and this ring coming back from the past is such a wonderful thing.

Thank you,

 Sheila Oliver

Thank you Shiela Blaisdell Oliver.

It’s obvious this story has not ended.  I will pass along the happy ending when it arrives.  Stay tuned.


“As the Antlers Turn”………18

Twenty Minutes on Thursday Morning.

It’s October and it has gotten quiet in Vail happy valley.

The staff uses this time to prepare for the upcoming ski season.  Housekeeping is fall cleaning the condominiums to a ridiculous level, the maintenance staff is tightening knobs after they clean and the front desk is sending out confirmations for the anticipated winter guests.

It’s 10:40 in the morning and suddenly Darci, working the front desk, completely alone, chatting on the phone with a travel agent, can only watch as things UN-ravel in front of her.  She dropped the phone.

One of the three guests staying with us fills her cup at our world class coffee station and gives a polite smile and good-bye to Darci as she pushes the lobby door open.  She just wants to enjoy the sunshine on the other side.  Darci smiles and waves to her while still talking to the travel agent.  Our guest walks through the opening with an Antlers cup and the door falls off.  The top hinge has let go.

The UPS guy is coming across the courtyard with a stack of packages on a dolly and he thinks the guest is holding the door open for him.  Actually she is balancing the 100 lb door with one hand and holding her ceramic Antlers coffee cup in the other.  He peaks around the packages he is wheeling and says “Thank you.  Great day isn’t it?”

Darci is now on the radio saying “Someone from maintenance please come to the front desk!”

“Give us a minute.”  was the reply.

NOW”, was her response.

Meanwhile……Magda walked into the Lobby and wanted to help after she saw the situation but she didn’t know Miley, (Rob and Evelyn’s dog, who he was tending for the day because Evelyn was out of town) was behind the closed door of the office.  She opened it and Miley immediately ran past the UPS guy and toward the opened door that was still being held up by the guest who now has dropped her Antlers mug that has shattered on the cobblestone.  The UPS guy helped her after realizing what was going on.  He propped the door up against the wall.

Darci yelled to Magda “Get the dog!”  She got back on the radio with her next announcement.  “Does anyone know where Rob is?  His dog is out and he’s fighting with Maggie in the courtyard”.  (Maggie is Chris’s dog and apparently they didn’t hit it off.)  Miley ran to the wild, not interested in a dog fight.  Tom, Ryan, Cayatano and Magda split up on the back side of the property. I was on the fourth floor and heard this exchange.

“Anybody see her?”

Tom:  “I’m on the bike bath.  She’s going west.”

Ryan:  “Did you say east?”

Cayatano:  “I see her.”

Tom:  “See her too.  She’s on her way up Forest Road.”

Magda:  “Please, please, please get her.  I’m the one that let the boss’s dog out.”

Tom:  “This dog is friendly until you get close.  Then she bolts.”

Ryan:  “It’s a Border Collie.  They’re friendly and smart.  She’s playing games with you.”

Tom:  “I don’t have time for games.”

Darci is now on the phone calling Rob’s cell.  “Miley got out.”

Rob calmly assures Darci that it will be fine.  “I’m in 506 and I’ll be right down.  I’m sure she is already having separation anxiety and is looking for me.”  He hangs up the phone and runs toward the creek thinking “Evelyn is going to kill me.”

I come down to the lobby and see the door leaning against the wall.

“What in the world is going on?”

Darci looks at me and says “All I know is I’m the only one here, the phones are ringing like we’re giving away free units for Christmas, dogs are running through the lobby and fighting in the courtyard, the front doors are falling off, everyone is out looking for Rob’s dog who is probably in Eagle by now and (she takes a deep breath) it’s only eleven o’clock.”

I turn and look toward the courtyard and Rob is riding one of the cruiser bikes and right behind him is Miley.  Her tongue waging in the breeze and a smile on her face.

Ryan comes back to hang the door and Tom meets with a contractor who has just pulled in.  Normal again.  Except for Darci who decides to take an early lunch.  She walks away and I hear her mumbling “You can’t make this [expletive] up.  I’m going to happy hour.”




“As the Antlers Turn”……17

The Case of the Bathroom Bandits

One of the routines around here happens the first thing every morning.  The pool gates are unlocked and the changing rooms are opened for cleaning.  It’s always an adventure to open those changing room doors to see what might have been left behind from the night before.  Usually though, it’s just several  dirty towels, a bathing suit, one flip flop and maybe some underwear.  This particular morning was a total surprise.

Brian, one of our cracker jack houseman, was first on the scene.  He opened the west changing room door and noticed it didn’t want to move any further than a few inches.  He put his shoulder into it to force the door ajar.  Once inside, he knew he had to call a supervisor.  “Gladys, could you come down to the pool please?”

Tell me what you saw Brian. “Every towel (about 50 of them) had been thrown from their cubbie storage and soaked with water.  Toilet paper rolls had been stuffed down the throat of the porcelain throne. The soap bottles had been emptied and smeared on the mirrors and walls.”

We've limited these pictures to protect the innocence of others. Some things are just too graphic.

It took two cracker jacks 3 hours to clean up the mess.  “We just do our job and move along”, he told me.  “Some kids think this is funny.  I don’t because my Grandma (Millie Barela) told me not to do stupid things or she would tell my Mom and Dad”.

At 3:30 that afternoon the front desk got the call that shocked the staff.  A guest explained from the emergency phone at the pool “Someone has made a total disaster of the changing room down here.  Could someone come and clean up the mess?”

The Banditoes had struck again and in broad daylight! What fearlessness these criminals posses!  We knew we had to call in a private investigation team.

We contacted the Mariah Davis Team, LLC (Darci’s Daughter). Their motto:  “We Know Mischief  Because We’ve Done It.   Let Our Experience Work For You”.

Mariah Davis. We were thrilled she took the case.



She would not be able to crack the case without her two assistants Emily and Katy Radcliffe. They would go undercover and blend in as guests.









They went to work immediately.  Their professionalism was extraordinary.  Interviewing the rest of the commoners, dusting for finger prints and taking into account, of all things, bicycles and who owned them.  I asked “Why the bikes?”  Mariah looked at me with an unflappable expression and said “They will need a get-a-way device.  Now please let us do our job.”

The next morning the changing room at the pool was in total disarray again!  Three times in 24 hours.  Of course Brian was first to spot the damage and called to report it.  He was interviewed by Mariah, Emily and Katy for clues but only kept repeating “I’m really getting sick of cleaning this bathroom.”

Then the break came that the Team was looking for.  Two people of undisclosed age were throwing towels and linens off the 7th floor balcony and there were witnesses.  Mariah quickly grabbed a bicycle and brought it to the lobby.  “What are you doing that for?” she was asked.

“Now we wait.  They’ll be here” she said with certainty.


The trap had been set and now all we had to do was wait…and wait….and wait.

Almost 10 minutes had gone by and as predicted, the two vandals walked into the Lobby to report that one of their bikes had been stolen.  BUSTED.

They were detained in our Lobby and the Kangaroo Court that had already tried and convicted them of these hideous crimes, only needed to render a sentence.  Since we are a kinder/gentler property we decided only to give them a good tongue lashing.  They were released under the custody of their parents.

The Antlers needs to express our appreciation to Mariah and her assistants, Emily and Katy, for solving this case without any real inconvenience to other guests.  They are the consummate professionals.


For the benefit of other properties we have released this photo of the two young men.

Beware. These two could check into your Hotel next.