No, no … it’s today!

Saturday, August 27, 2011 – It’s 11:00 and the groom is asking, “Why isn’t our brunch set up at the pool?”

“Um, your farewell brunch is tomorrow.”

“No, no … it’s today!”

“Uh-oh … well, it says right here in the contract you signed, that brunch is on Sunday the 28th, that’s tomorrow. But if you think it’s today, then I guess it’s today.”

“Good, because we’ve got fifty hungry guests and family members waiting at the pool.”



Now Magdalena’s pretty expressive, and she’s certainly shown concern before, but never quite like this.  OMG, what are we going to do?!

“A” number “1” … is Chef Barry available?  Yes, he’s in the kitchen.  Better yet, he has all the food on hand, but hasn’t even started to PREP!  Happily, he’s not your typical chef.  His response?  “Let’s go, I’ll do the best I can.”

All hands on deck … both guys working today from the maintenance department, Chris and Ryan, drop what they’re doing and are immediately moving tables and chairs from the conference room down to the pool.  So is Rob, the GM.  The housemen stop stocking the linen closets with sheets and towels and are now bringing down table linens.  Katie’s gathering up everything we need for the bar.  Antlers front desk staff is pitching in as they’re able.  Magda’s coordinating with Barry, figuring out what we can prep the fastest (turns out to be the fruit tray) and get it down to the pool so the guests at least have SOMETHING.

“Greg, can you bartend?”

“Oh man, I would … I want to … I wish … but I can’t.  I’ve got an obligation I just CANNOT get out of.”

“OK, who then?”

“Rob … you’re elected”

“No sweat, only one problem … I wasn’t really working today.  I just happened to ride my bike in.  That’s why I’m wearing my biking jersey and shorts.  It’s all I’ve got.”

“It’ll have to do.  Can you make a Bloody Mary?”

“Are you kidding?”

Fast forward twenty minutes … some guests are drinking Mimosas, others are munching on the food as fast as it comes out of the kitchen.  The bride’s family has gone from being livid and thinking that we’re totally incompetent, to realizing that we are super-humanly compensating for a mistake that wasn’t really ours.  In minutes, their appreciation is over the top.  Rob’s tending bar in his spandex regalia, garnering more than a few questionable looks.  That is, until people understand “the rest of the story”.

Soon, we’ve served the breakfast burritos that Barry has miraculously put together in nothing flat.  One of the best compliments of the day is when a groomsmen says, “I’m from Texas … we know a thing or two about burritos … and this is the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had!”

Adding to the surreal nature of the morning, at one point Mr. Chatty Bartender Rob asks one of the guests, “So where are you all from?”  “Thunder Bay” is the response.  “No Way!” says Rob, “My BFF George “The Peach” Nickerson is from Thunder Bay!”

“Doc Nick’s kid?  On Algoma Street?”  Ya shoor, yoo betcha.  (just another Vail / small world episode)

Our only regret?  Nobody took any pictures.  Darn.  Oh well.  Bottom line, at the end of the day, we pulled off what would have been impossible for most others, but as they say, “No problem for high steppers like us.”

Although he didn’t focus on the “Miracle Brunch” as much as we might have, here’s a copy of the actual review posted by the groom’s father a short time later …

“As the Antlers Turn”……16

I’m Baaaack and oh what a summer it has been.  Here’s a few things that haven’t been reported in the past couple of months (partly because I’ve been busy and mostly because I wasn’t sure I should admit it.).

Every time you think you’ve seen it all……….

– A guest finds animal teeth in a dresser drawer.  Upon further review, it turns out it is a human tooth broken in two pieces, from a small child, hidden away by the parents, who forgot to put the quarter under the pillow.

-The employees throw a going away party for Sara and the building manager gets a call for a noise disturbance.  He doesn’t answer the phone because he just fell into the pool after celebrating a victory in a beer pong match.

-Rob travels to Australia with a group representing the Town of Vail to “sell” our resort and never had a chance to play golf.

-While the rest of the country is suffering in record setting heat and humidity, Vail is 71 degrees with puffy white clouds.

-For whatever reason the New York Stock Exchange is boiling over, freezing and boiling over again but our winter bookings are ahead of last year.  Go figure.

-We have purchased and placed new lobby furniture which includes amongst other items, leather couches (smells good).  We also have new carpet in the lobby and elsewhere (that smells good too).

-My son got married in Vail and the Antlers served as host for all of our guests.  As an outsider looking in for once, this is a great place to have a Vail wedding.   (I’m coming back and I’m staying at the Antlers.)

-A squatter moves into the Antlers and goes unnoticed for 3 days.  He is seen only at night between the hours of 10 and 12 PM rummaging through the garbage cans.  Finally we set a trap and catch the little rascal.  The raccoon is relocated to another property.

-Isabelle, Magda and Tony’s daughter, has turned one year old and she is already familiar with RDP (our reservation software).  We plan on having her cover some vacation slots when she is needed.

-Darci adopted a dog for her daughter Mariah.  He is 3 inches long and weighs 7 ounces and is still growing.  He was “misplaced” a while back but Joel found him later in Mariah’s school lunch bag between 2 oreoes.

-Mark is back for the winter season.  He returneth from the bed and breakfast in Sicily, Italy and can still brew some of the best lobby coffee in Vail.  I walk up there every day for another cup of “Markbucks”.

-Amy has been doing mountain bike races every weekend this summer.  She has been very careful and avoids crashes because the doctor told her one more mis-hap and they will need to do a body transplant.

It’s nearing the end of August and as it goes “what happened to the summer?”  Labor Day weekend is closing in and the Fall Season will surely bring new stories and adventures to the Antlers.  Personally, I look forward to the additional compliment of owners that arrive for that particular weekend.

Let the pen write and the story be told.